How to remove the protection from the phone ?

How to remove the protection from the phone ?

Phone protection (blocking, passwords) is designed to prevent the loss of very important information as a result of the loss or theft of a mobile phone.There are several types of lock: Phone lock, factory relock and lock the SIM card.Phone when blocking the SIM card is working.This type of lock can occur when you enter the wrong PIN.

Phone lock by the operator is used to complicate the possibility of switching to another operator and to secure customers.How to remove the protection from the phone, you may ask.We answer.

Guide to Action

So, to unlock the phone, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • use a PIN code or the pack to unlock.Pin-code is designed to protect critical data in your phone if it is stolen or is lost.If you have forgotten the PIN, then it can be found on the packaging out of the SIM card.There are only 3 attempts to enter the PIN - code.In the opposite case, you will enter the pack code.Pak code must be used in the event that exceeded the number of attempts to enter a PIN c
    ode.Pak code also has the packaging of the SIM card.After entering the code pack will need to keep your new PIN.But if you have lost the packaging of the SIM card, you need to contact the office of the operator to replace the SIM card.As a result, you will be issued a duplicate SIM card and you will be able to make calls;
  • refer to your phone manufacturer for the unlock code.This code can unlock the phone and reset the passwords, but it can also erase all the phone's data;
  • use firmware.That is to update the firmware, which is responsible for the operation of the phone.To do this: synchronize your phone with your computer, install the driver software and connect your phone to your computer.All the necessary software can be found at the phone manufacturer.But we must use only the software, which has detailed instructions.You must use the search engine to find a factory firmware for your particular phone model.But keep in mind that flashing the phone will erase all data.
  • contact the service or warranty center.But if you go to a service center for flashing the phone, you risk losing your warranty on your phone.Therefore it is necessary to contact an authorized warranty and center of your mobile phone manufacturer.Do not forget to bring the documents on the phone, passport, phone and a box of cash register receipt.
  • after managed to remove the protections in the phone menu, select the menu item: Settings - Security - Phone lock.On and off the lock.

Now you more or less know how to remove protection from the phone.And if you have a Nokia mobile phone brand and you forget the access code for the phone, you can install the program Mbro USB Nokia Tools Lite.And the way to remove the protection from the phone through this program is the most easy and simple in this case.