How to find out the phone's IMEI ?

How to find out the phone

Generally what IMEI?By and large, this is your phone's identification number, the combination required for the registration of the device in the network.Yes, imagine, after inclusion, your machine sends some information to the unknown worlds!And without our intervention, among other things.Basically, she SIM-card and is used for this purpose, but each device IMEI - your.How to find out the phone's IMEI and ... why?

«gray» Phones

essence here in what: the network of one operator can not be simultaneously registered with one of the two phones IMEI.It's like a router and client machines - if two identical mac-address, then they will in turn "knock out" of the network, providing access to the last turn to.But with the Internet easier, you can cheat the device by setting up all kinds of forwarding on ports, etc., thereby enabling the two devices to work with the same identifier simultaneously.Mobile communication is merciless: if suddenly IMEI of your unit coincides with someone else, the one of you

who first turned on the phone - won.But what if you do not?

Hence the question arises, why phone manufacturers can afford such mistakes.And no, they did not allow each phone, descended from the conveyor, it has its own personal IMEI.Then who?

Again they, the evil mediators.Yes, the people who sold you the phone - culprits "celebrations."Often, even in large networks for electronics sales, the firm-seller allows himself to reflash mobile phones.Sometimes it is even very blatantly looks like as designated by the default button, leading to the launch of the application of-Marketer of the company (the author experienced personally with such beastliness of "Euroset" in the old days on the fashionable then L7 Motorola), sometimes - minor changes for the adaptationto the buyer, for example, the localization of the additive, russification.Then it is even very useful, but.The main "but" here - the lack of "flasher" decent IMEI mobile generators.And more often - generally set once coined IMEI, is the same for all the victims of the marketing policy of the wise men.

How to know IMEI of your phone

For example, how do you know the Nokia phone IMEI, though the algorithm and the same for all.

  1. Turn off the
  2. Remove sim-card
  3. Turn on your mobile phone.
  4. Dial screen combination: * # 06 #
  5. «Call»
  6. displayed IMEI of your phone

Now that you know how to find out the phone's IMEI, I'll cheer if you come from Russia, then do not worry about"grayness" of his administration.Even if that is the (strange if different), then everything is already taken care of your operator - they need customers, and protect their they often simplify or completely removed.