How to find your phone model ?

How to find your phone model ?

found an old or broken mobile phone?The new has worn, and without prompt communication life falls into the abyss?You can repair the broken, but how to find your phone model?

most reliable and proven way, of course, is to read the information from the device passport.It describes all the data you may need while using your phone.But a box of documents is usually discarded almost immediately after purchase, so it is very useful as the owner of any equipment is to store all documents and packages, though they take a lot of storage space.

How do I know which model of phone, if there are no documents

  • With the help of Internet service International Numbering Plans you can get information about the manufacturer, phone model, and belonging to a particular market.Just enter the IMEI code in a certain column.The code can be seen either by battery or by pressing a certain combination of symbols: * ♯0000♯.By the way, many of the models, after entering this code, display a lot of additional and useful infor
    mation.The service provides a model definition program Tac List Free.She has a very extensive database that is constantly updated in near real time.
  • most straightforward and easiest way is elementary comparison of your phone with the bases online store data, either by phone selling magazines.Take the phone and visually compare the proposed models.
  • One of the most accurate and reliable way is to check the phone properties in the telephone.Almost all the models in the menu, there is a shortcut to the "Settings" or "Settings".It is available for consultation and setting complete information about the work of the various parts of software and hardware information.
  • Another way is to check the phone model when connected via Bluetooth.All mobile devices, by default, set to the name of the phone model.Suffice it to look in the settings that the unit has registered.Or connect with another phone and see what name you logged in, and he appears.

All of these methods are relevant and tested, but the manufacturers of mobile devices are almost always indicate the model on the label under the battery.Therefore, first of all, there must be checked.