How to install the driver on the phone ?

How to install the driver on the phone ?

Data transfer from mobile phone to PC and vice versa can be accomplished in several ways.But sometimes it is not any more can not connect them together, and the phone remains invisible to the PC.In this case, the drivers will install on the phone.

install drivers

If you have a boot disk, then insert it enough in CD-ROM or downloaded to a PC PC Suite software.After that, the mobile phone must be connected to the computer and follow all recommendations of the master.If such a disc, you do not, you should visit the manufacturer's website and download the necessary drivers to make it.After all the drivers are installed, you can connect the PC to the phone through the USB-cable, which usually comes in the kit.Once the utility "Add New Hardware Wizard" it will be found new device should be checked under "Install from a list or specific location", which is located in the "Select an action to perform" and click "Next".it should be noted the line "Include this location in the search" window opens.Then, t

hrough the "Browse" button is necessary to register all the way to the folder where are saved all the downloaded driver, and click "Next" and wait until the installation is complete.After clicking the "Finish" button, all changes will be saved.To get started, you must restart the mobile phone and connect it back to the PC.Most users can not establish a connection between your phone Samsung model, and yet the problem is completely solved.Simply install the drivers for the Samsung phone, as described above, and the problem will be solved.In addition, this model of phone can be connected to a PC via -Cable date, but in this case it will be possible to work only with SMS and phone book.

How to connect your old phone to your PC

Unfortunately, some mobile phones do not support connection to a PC.In some there is a communication terminal, and while other phones have it, but the computer does not see.In the first case, nothing can be done, and in the second you can try to search in stores cables and software.Also, the software can be found on the Internet.Typically, these phones do not download it on the site, but it can be found on the Internet, even though it is not easy.Most often, such a program are not free.After installing the software, the PC will see the phone, and you can make the necessary manipulations.If the PC still does not see the phone, then most likely it should be re-flash.Now you know how to install the driver on the phone and you will download the needed files, and share them with your friends easily.