How to install games on HTC?

How to install games on HTC?

Now, mobile phones are from HTC's become the most popular on the market.Probably already have new products every lover has visited in his hands, at least one model in a series of this manufacturer.Naturally, the demand for increasingly any technique, the more there is a variety of questions from the users themselves.For example, many do not know how to go to the menu, there is some problem, even how to call someone, or simply dial the number.

Now, mobile phones - this is not just a means for the transmission of text messages and calls, and already, a computer, which is, the performance does not lose his older brothers.With the phone, you can communicate on the Internet, watch the news, and find out information from social networks, and also, just have fun.That's about entertainment, we'll talk in our article.So, how to install games on htc?

Where to start?

To begin, you should understand what operating system is on your mobile phone.Maybe two versions: Android apps or Windows Phone 7. The second

appeared only on the phones of the latest version, and is not very popular at the moment, of HTC.

Where to look?

There are plenty of sites that are reviewed and discussed games for mobile phones and tablet computers.For example, one such site is this site there, too, and a forum where you can ask any questions related to mobile technologies and, also, to know what operating system is installed on your machine.

I decided.What's next

Once you have learned the OS installed on the mobile phone, but also picked up the game about which I would like to install (by the way, it may not necessarily be the game. Simple program sets the same way!).

Depending on the operating system, you need to go to the store, which is installed on your phone.In the case of Android - it is Google Play, and in mobile phones based on Windows Phone 7 - Windows Apps + Games Store.Both of these applications are originally installed on your phone.With them, I recommend that all installation steps, search for and remove the software from your device.

How to install games on htc?Once you open the store, you will be available to the most popular applications that are popular with people from all over the world.This is a big plus and help in the selection, if you still do not really understand or have not decided what you want.

If you have found on the Internet, best describes you, then enter the name of the application in the search.You will immediately be prompted to install it.It's worth noting that some applications and, in particular, of the game - to be paid, and, in order to download them you have to pay.Do not be afraid, if you accidentally clicked on the download paid games.Chances are, if you did not add a credit card to your Google account or a Windows shop, the money can not be removed from you.Many people mistakenly think that the cost of the service will be removed from their mobile operator bill.This is not true!

This program is not

If you are faced with the fact that the program that you have found on third-party resources, is not in the store, which is very rare, I advise you to go to the same shop, and look at the analogues of this software withsimilar functions.It is not necessary to download games and applications from suspicious sites.Now that you know how to installing games on htc.