How to install software on HTC?

How to install software on HTC?

Gone are the days when we used simple and clear phone.Now all the mobile steel hyperactivity and productive.Today we answer the question: "How do I install software on HTC».

Typically, these devices have a «Android» operating system.For example, we will explain it all the software installation process.

first option - Android Market

We go to Google «Android Market» application.To install, you, of course, requires the Internet and if your device has not, it is better to find a wi-fi zone to connect or permanently.Try that have access to the Internet is not limited - it would be more economical and more convenient.Perhaps for this procedure is better to go to any coffee shop where there is a wi-fi connection.So, you will need a Google account and the money on your card account or Web Money.It is possible that the application will need to need to buy, as more and more applications do apply.

Once you are logged in the "world wide web", a section through the wireless connection, look at your menu ap

plication called "Market" or «Android Market».Activate it first.You will immediately see the top of the screen, to the right, a designation as a magnifying glass.Click on it.line will appear before you.In it you need to enter the name of the correct program for you.You can not download the entire program, but only part of it.To do this, you need to know the correct name of the missing application.After that, you will see the desired page on the Internet.Click on it and get to the page of the desired application.Further, there are several options for applications:

  • free app.When the application you need pumped is free, that is, he did not have to pay, you will see the word "Download".You press on the word.Then, you load it according to the scheme: you agree to load the words "Accept and download".Your phone will install the program automatically.Some applications do not require a reboot of the device.So you just have to get out of the "Market", go to the menu.There you will already see the desired application;
  • Pay application.When the desired application is paid, instead of the word "download" will specify the price which the consumer must pay.And you have to click on this amount.Then you have to add the proposed map.Then click the word "continue".The next field asks for your data, you need to fill.You fill them, and then save all the data.Next you will be offered to buy the app for you too agree.Then where was written "value applications", it will be written, that you have purchased the application.After that, start a download, or you must click on the word "bought."After the download is complete exit the menu.Icon bought application will already be there.

option to install a second

Perhaps still not download from the phone and from your PC.But how to install the program on your computer through the htc?To do this, get some professional forums, there is a lot of useful links.We recommend that you visit the site are free software, there are free shareware programs, there are paid.It is worth noting that before downloading a program via the computer, locate the cord of your device to download the application later on your smartphone.Search for applications according to your device's operating system.Having come to the correct forum dedicated to, for example, htc radar.How to install the program you need for your smartphone, you're there to learn the details.On any forum you have to register, but it does not take a lot of time, plus, then you can continue to use this forum to the user rights.Further, through the search bar, you find the app you want, download it.Then unzip it (usually they are downloaded in the archives).The expansion should be APK file.Then restart the app in your smartphone.Then set the "unknown sources" to check the settings on your device.So that would continue to run the application.The default is usually in smartphones, downloaded from "Market".Then you install the application, as we wrote above.After that, by going to the main menu, you will see the desired application icon.

third installation option

You can also download the application you want is not through cable and via the wireless internet wi-fi.Downloadable applications, as in the second embodiment of the computer.Next, go to WiFi File Explorer PRO application, there appears a window, and we click on it.Then select the browser (the address) and information that is specified in the URL box on your device.After that, you select the desired file and download it on your smartphone.Sets a preferred application, as we wrote above.

We hope you will be able to install htc sync, or any other desired application for your smartphone.