How to install themes LG KP500 ?

How to install themes LG KP500 ?

buying a new phone the LG, the brand KP500, many are thinking about how to install the theme on it.This is done not so simply as it seems at first.Let's look at the steps to learn how to install the LG KP500 topics quickly and easily.

Install theme to your phone

To install the theme on your phone, you need to download a few programs that can be found on the Internet.It is also worth remembering that if you decide to flash your new phone and upload it to a huge number of topics, and then install them, you automatically waive any warranty.Thus, before anything to do yourself, consider whether there is of it only got worse.Let's look at the basic steps used in setting up the theme.

Please download the following files from the Internet: LGUSBModemDriver drivers and FlashUsb;utility to communicate with cell phones LG-Utils-0.4.2;software WinImage;file called KP500.flb;as well as three file Idle_KeyLock.dmf, TopMenu.dmf and Idle_Widget.dmf.These files can be found on the Internet easily.Set them in t

he normal way to install software on your PC.

Now let's look at how to properly deal with the application, as the LG-Utils-0.4.2.Locate the file with this program, and unzip it.Now you need to copy a file with the name of KP500.flb on drive C: \, but not in the disk folder.

Now run KP500-Utils-En, click on the command under the letter «D», then so, click Enter.The next step, type \\ USB1 and press Enter again.Once again, we write C: \ KP500.flb and click C: \ KP500.flb.Last time we write CUST_THEME, then attach to the computer phone, but without the stick and the SIM card, press Enter, and you hear the sound device connection signal.Now, after we'll wait a few minutes, we will see in the folder named LG-Utils, several new files.One would have such an extension as.big, the other will have no expansion at all.The first file can be deleted, and the remaining copy to any folder that is damaged can be restored.Now, do the following:

  • first run the program WinImage;
  • then open the file named ROOT_THEME and pass on lgapp / DMF;
  • Idle_KeyLock send files.dmf, TopMenu.dmf and Idle_Widget.dmf to the open window and click on the tab "Save", and then, the program closes.
  • run KP500-Utils-En;
  • choose 'C', press Enter;
  • write \\ \ USB1, press Enter again.;
  • write C: \ KP500.flb, press Enter;
  • write C: \ LG-Utils \ CUST_THEME and connect your phone to the PC again without a stick and the SIM card.After a few minutes the program will be downloaded to your phone LG KP 500.

next step you can proceed directly to the installation process.Now we disconnect the phone from the computer and turn on him.In this state, again connect it to a PC.FlashContents find the folder in the phone memory.It was in her and drag pre-download the theme on the LG KP500.Thus, with the themes files will appear in our phone.Now disconnect the mobile phone from the computer, go to the folder with the files and click on the topic, and then select the tab "Install" and all is now set theme.