Nokia: how to remove the security code ?

Nokia: how to remove the security code ?

to those personal data that resides on the mobile phone, are protected, applied lock.This feature is especially relevant when the loss of the mobile device.Then a stranger will not have access to your personal data.This feature is also common in phones "Nokia".

But there are times when the lock code is forgotten, then there can be a problem, how to remove security code from Nokia.To perform unlocking, you should use one of the following methods.


The first method - the removal of the security code using the Reset All Settings.To reset the firmware, you will need to reset the code.To get it, you can ask for help in Nokia electronics service center.You can also contact them through the contact details provided in the nokia official obtain the code will need to say IMEI number which is on the back cover of the phone, typically a battery.

If this method does not work, you will have to reflash the phone.It needs to establish synchronization with the computer.Then download from t

he official Nokia site necessary drivers, indicating your phone model and connecting the special cable for firmware, which comes bundled with the phone.

code request

The second method is as follows: the user needs to enter the phone menu under "Tools" to find settings."Protection" will be referred to in setting one of the parameters.It choose "Phone and SIMĀ» section.Before you open a list in which you will need to select "Request PIN" ( "Disable PIN") - in different models, it may sound differently, but in any case you will need to turn it off.

additional code

If you need additional code, go to nfader site.the su, it by entering your IMEI and clicking the Generate, you can see the code that can be entered to unlock.

It is worth noting that this option is the best, but not always, you can unlock the phone so.

also to lift the lock can be found in the article How to remove protection from the phone.