How to open a category A ?

How to open a category A ?

ability to operate a vehicle does not entitle to drive.Such a right you gain, just passing the exam and get a driver's license with the corresponding category open.Moreover, if, for example, you open only one category B or C, you can not drive a motorcycle.To the right of driving a motorcycle you need to open and Category A.

Let's see how to open a category A if you do not have a driver's license or if there is an open category B or C.

If there is no driver's license

to qualify formotorcycle control, you must, first of all, to reach the age of 18, and secondly, to take a course in a driving school.Self-preparation currently prohibited.Or rather learn on their own (in theory!), You can, but for exams without proof of completion of a driving school will not allow you.

training conditions, its cost and the list of required documents and fees you will be told to enroll in a driving school.These include, for example, a medical certificate and payment of registration fee for a driver's license.Aft

er graduating and obtaining a certificate of completion of driving school you will have to pass a theoretical and practical exam.

theoretical exam is conducted by examination tickets traffic rules, which coincide with the tickets for category B. Only after passing the theoretical exam you allow for the practical exam at the racetrack.

practical examination comprises three compulsory exercises, each of which consists of several elements:

  • overall corridor and a semicircle, then the item entitled "Ramp";
  • snake - rut board and the final element - the low-speed control;
  • eight overall.

After passing the exams, you will receive a driver's license with the open category A, and then will have the right to operate a motorcycle.

If there is a driver's license

In this case, you do not need to re-learn in driving school and pass a medical komissiyu.A here to take the exam, both practical and theoretical, it is necessary in any case.Both exams are identical to those required to pass on first obtaining a permit.The only exception is for those who took the theory in the last three months, because the examination results are saved only for this period.

When training in a driving school organization of exams and obtaining a driving license, as a rule, take the representatives of this school.If you already have the right to open categories, for the opening of additional categories you need to contact the traffic police themselves.To do this:

  1. Apply on the form issued in the traffic police.
  2. provide a medical certificate and a copy of it.
  3. identification.
  4. provide already existing driver's license with an open category.

After passing the exam you will receive a new driver's license with an additional open category A.

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