How to warm up the car ?

How to warm up the car ?

go outside in the morning in the forty-degree frost, motorists are horrified to discover their cars under the snow and ice layer, which means much frozen the internal parts of the car, the problems with the launch and panic from the question "how to warm up the car?".

Try to get in the car

As a rule, the first problem faced by the car owner - a frozen lock.How warm the castle in the car - you choose:

  • if frost slack (t & gt; -20) can be used by typing in a syringe vodka, which should be poured into the keyhole, because we all know from school that the alcohol does not freeze.
  • on fire lighters to ignite the key and insert it into the lock.This method is more spodruchen as often is lighter in the pocket of the driver, rather than a syringe with an alcohol.
  • apply aerosol or liquid defroster, which is inexpensive and easy to use.This method in modern times more common.

But in any case it is impossible to pour boiling water castle!He thawed, but very soon the water will turn to ice and open it

the next time will be more difficult.

Open Door

Another danger could be the frozen door seals.In this situation it is necessary to open the door slowly, making no sudden movements, and even better to find the door, which seals have frozen not so much, and through it to get inside the car.But most importantly - prevention!In order not to bother the question how to warm up the car in the cold if the door should be frozen before the onset of cold weather to use the silicone grease.

battery warms

After getting into the car warm up the battery, for example, including the low beam and dimensions - it consumes slightly charge, allowing the battery to warm up thoroughly.Car Starter can not just try to run - this can lead to battery discharge.

buy or rent a garage

But in general in order to avoid problems with the heating of the vehicle should initially think about the place where the car warm up in the cold will not be difficult.The ideal option is to use a heated garage.After warming up the engine and a check point at low temperatures is complicated by the fact that all the liquid in the car becomes too thick, like for example thickened oil promotes additional resistance at start.But if there is no opportunity to warm up in the garage, you can use the following methods:

  • the Building hairdryer warms up the engine and a check point (as this part is more sensitive to frost).
  • A fire hose to direct the exhaust gases adjacent wound up machine in the direction of the motor.

brakes, in the absence of a building dryer, and a fire hose can get warm with hot water, and in this case the water in the ice does not become as when driving it dries.And a few more tips:

  • Do not use an open flame - it is fraught with the risk of fire and damage to the paint.
  • Before starting the starter disconnect all electrical appliances: lighting, radio and so on.If
  • for 5-7 seconds, the engine fails to start - let the battery for 2 minutes to recover.

    • eve recommended to check for: -
    • To prevent battery discharge and burst into the candle, then you need to know in order to not have to worry about how to warm up the car in the winter starter should not run for more than ten seconds

    Nowappropriate temperature battery, oil, washer fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid.

  • Edit window nezamerzayku seals lubricated with silicone.
  • Before you leave your car in the cold it is recommended to open the door - this will level the temperature of the car and the environment that will help the car is not so much ice.

use the heat gun

universal way of resuscitation, it is nothing more than a warm up machine heat gun.Even if you do not have such a device, do not worry, you can always find a service that will come and help you with avtootogrevom.So, how to warm up the car with the help of heat gun: avtootogreva Service comes to your call to the car and begins CPR.Typically, a heat gun thawing takes one to two hours - depending on the temperature and size of the machine.To connect a special heat gun tube, well, like a cannon barrel.Through her, the warm air is directed to the frozen part of the machine, which allows without any difficulty qualitatively warm up the car.