How to disassemble the Nokia X2?

How to disassemble the Nokia X2?

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to disassemble your cell phone.This can happen for a number of very different reasons.We will understand more detelno how to disassemble nokia x 2 00. After reading this article, you can do it yourself.


To make phone disassembly need a screwdriver TORX T-6, as well as a small flat screwdriver to to hook the latch on the screen and the motherboard.In addition, the need to "arm" the special tool to parse the buildings, which is analogous to Nokia SRT-6, and a special spatula.The last two instruments can be replaced and a flathead screwdriver.The main thing to wrap her sting paper to avoid scratching the phone case made of plastic.

disassembly algorithm

  • At the beginning of the disassembly process, remove the battery cover.To do this, you need a slight movement to put pressure on the latch located in the groove.Then you need to get the battery.
  • should now proceed to the removal of the lining of the camera.To do this, take a tool for anal
    ysis of cases and hook them to cover, so that the first two could disconnect latch.Next, you need a tool to parse the buildings carefully drawn between the plate and the housing.So the top two latches will disengage.You can then disconnect and the remaining two latches.Now you can remove the cover and open the cover USB port.
  • After opening the plug should be removed from the phone body.Then, using a screwdriver, you will need to unscrew the two screws on the sequence.Reuse them anymore.
  • Next to start gently remove the front panel of the phone.The first step is to open the cover SD-card slot, then it will be possible to separate the right side of the two plugs on the panel, and then the two latches on the left side without difficulty.Now you need to disconnect another latch on the right, middle and left one latch.At the end of the last two remaining disconnect latch to the lower end.You can then easily remove the front panel.
  • consider further how to disassemble nokia x2.The next step in the process involves removing the keyboard and plug the SD-card slot.Then you need to unscrew four screws, disconnect all the latches and remove the metal frame.
  • final stage.You can now disconnect the connector and remove the loop matrix display.Then, tilting the latch can be removed the motherboard from the case.Then, using a small screwdriver, remove the camera, get an antenna module, speaker and charger connector.

now dismantling over.In order to get acquainted with how to disassemble the phone nokia x2, should go to the following link.