How to get a driver's license ?

How to get a driver

The fact that cars are no longer a luxury and become part of our everyday life, has long been known.However, it is not enough just to buy a car and ride on it as horrible.First you need to pass the exams, in other words, let's see, how to get a driver's license.

The easiest way - to find a comfortable driving school and you will find everything on the phone, but do not deny that you may be deceived, so you need to know at least the list of documents required to obtain a license.

How to get right "from scratch"

Get right "from scratch" There are two ways to complete driving school, where you are presented with a full course of traffic rules.There you will learn from the ground up to drive the vehicle, generally, leave you there, as they say, fully prepared.To do this, you must have:

  • statement of the candidate for the drivers,
  • passport of identity of the citizen with registration at the place of residence or stay,
  • Photo 3x4 with zero area,
  • medical certificate,
  • receipt of the establishe
    d sample
  • and certificatean educational institution.

also must pass a practical examination and Theoretical number.

How to pass on the right externally

However, this method will cost you dearly.Naturally, there is an alternative!It is called - exams externally, that is, yourself.On the conditions of this option is best know by phone driving schools and traffic police.This method does better suited for self-confident people, especially those who are still in the village of my grandfather taught steer ...

Documents required:

  • two 3x4 photos,
  • medical certificate,
  • kvitantsiyao payment,
  • driver's card,
  • Examination card (form REO),
  • Russian passport,
  • statement on the candidate drivers.

If necessary, drive the vehicle directly outside the Russian Federation, you need to pass the relevant law.

How to obtain an international driving license

In signatory countries, the Convention on International Traffic, you can drive a vehicle on the right that you receive if:

  • application driver,
  • valid medical certificate,
  • photos 3.5h4.5on matte paper,
  • document on payment of the prescribed fees,
  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • in Examination driver card.

Rights are issued without passing the qualifying examinations.

list of countries that have signed the Convention:

Yugoslavia, Austria, South Africa, Bahamas, Estonia, Bahrain, Ecuador, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Chile, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Herzegovina, Croatia, Brazil, France, Great Britain,Finland, Hungary, the Philippines, Venezuela, Uruguay, Guyana, Ukraine, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Germany, Turkmenistan, Greece, Thailand, Georgia, Tajikistan, Denmark, Slovenia, Zaire, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Israel, Seychelles, Indonesia, S.Marino, Iran, Romania, Spain, Russia, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Costa Rica, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Poland, Cuba, Pakistan, Kuwait, Naorvegiya, Latvia, Nigeria, Latvia, Monaco,Lithuania, Mexico, Luxembourg, Morocco, Macedonia

If you, for whatever reasons deprived of rights, you can restore it with: exam driver card of the citizen of passport or identity card with registration at the place of residence or place of stay, the statement of the driver, a medical certificate and a receipt ustanovlennog sample.The exams are not required.

Good luck on the road!

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