How to start the car ?

How to start the car ?

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How to start the car?

Experienced question drivers about how to start the car, does not arise, but for beginners who just recently purchased a car, or just going to buy it, this information is more than useful and necessary.

On how right you start your car in the first place, depends on engine life, his health, and as a consequence of the stability and reliability of its work.There are a number of rules, implementation of which will allow for a long time to save the engine performance.

start the car with a manual transmission

Let us first consider the question of how to start the car with a manual transmission.

First put the shift lever to the neutral position.This is done by holding down the clutch pedal (the clutch switch off the engine with the transmission), the parking brake must be in the closed position.Next, when the clutch pedal switch on the ignition, inserting the key into the lock and turning it clockwise until a click is heard.At the same time on the i

nstrument panel should light control oil pressure indicator, battery charging.This indicates that the ignition is turned on.

next by turning the key clockwise to start the starter after a few seconds under the condition of serviceability of the engine systems, he should start, what will indicate the characteristic sound of the motor.Another indication that the motor wound up and running - is that pilot lights that lit up when you run, should go.To visualize this, it is desirable to find a lesson on the Internet about how to start the car.Video, rather many variations thereof will be proposed in a large volume.

start the car with automatic transmission

Then consider the question of how to start the car machine.Under normal conditions in order to properly start the car with an automatic transmission, perform the following steps:

  1. becoming, if it is not necessary, shift the lever to position "P" (parking).
  2. Press the brake pedal.
  3. Motor factory, without releasing the brake pedal.Insert the key into the lock, turn it clockwise until it clicks, while the instrument panel indicators light up, and the fuel pump is started.After the lights go off, turn the ignition key clockwise to start the starter key at the same time, you can let go, he would return to its original state.If the engine does not start, taking 2-3 attempts at intervals of 30 seconds.If the motor system are in good condition, the engine should start.
  4. After the box warms up, move the selector lever to position "R" or "D", based on the fact, in what direction you need to start a movement.
  5. releases the brake pedal and start to move.

important point after starting the engine: it is necessary to warm up for some time.It is necessary to begin normal operation of the engine lubrication system as the oil mist - the main source of the pistons and cylinder lubrication - formed immediately.Warming up is recommended at idle speed with the number of engine revolutions, slightly higher than the number of idle.

While the engine is warming up, you can wipe the glass or clear the snow from the car.Speaking of snow.In winter, there are rules on how to start the car in extreme cold.

In fact, the problem of starting the engine in winter time deserves special attention, so it is better to get acquainted with the methods to solve it by clicking on the link.Experienced drivers are preparing for winter in advance, and the preparation is not only the replacement summer tires for winter.The question that we highlighted in the article, it is very important for every driver, as well as proper restaurant car is directly related to vehicle operation and, therefore, safety and driving comfort.