How to install the car ?

How to install the car ?

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How to install car?

Car in modern car - it is an integral part of the equipment;without a single long trips could be very, very boring.In this article, we'll show you how to install the car with their hands in Russia or imported car.

As a self-connected car

What is worth considering:

  1. If you are not sure what exactly read the wiring diagram in the manual or on top of the car manual, in any case, do not use the wiring diagram for any other radio,because it may cause a short circuit or malfunction.
  2. Most domestic cars have wiring that is designed for use with manual tuning radios.This means that the power cable from the battery to the car goes through the ignition switch, causing the electric circuit is opened when the key is turned for a split second, which is enough to knock down all the settings to the radio volatile.

Connecting car through the ISO connector

The first thing to do when installing the car - is secure container.Container - a steel frame, which is

embedded into the opening for the head unit in the car dashboard and serves to secure the car on the spot.It is installed simply enough - you need to insert the empty container into the opening for the car and bend the metal petals around its perimeter.

Next you need to find the connector the ISO standard.This is a universal socket, which is used on all modern cars.To set the recorder to this connector, simply plug the connector from the radio to the same mating connector on the car and all car features will be available soon.Insert the car in place, and you can use it.

Connecting car without ISO

connector in most cars produced in Russia, as well as in older foreign cars ISO connector is not provided.In this case, you need to buy it on their own and be connected to vehicle wiring.All the wires to connect the recorder, as a rule, have different colors and markings, so connect the connector will not be so difficult.For work, we need:

  • knife;
  • pliers;
  • set of multi-strand wire section not less than 2.5 square;
  • electrical tape.

ISO connector consists of a 12-minute cells, which are arranged in two rows of 6 pieces each.

primarily via the stranded wires need to bring food to our car radio.To this end, we connect one end of the yellow wire "+ 12V" directly to the battery through fuse 10A and the other end to pin connector bottom left of the cell.

Next to the cell, which is adjacent to the previous one, you need to connect the red wire "ACC".This will ensure the inclusion of the radio when the ignition key.

vehicle weight connected black wire labeled «GND» for the second cell in the top row.To the first cell in the top row of white wire «ANT» connected antenna.

Next are 8 cells, which are intended for connection to the speakers.When connecting speakers it is important to observe the polarity and place to connect each speaker to avoid their work in opposition.The top row of cells - for connecting the front speakers, the bottom row - for the rear.Marking for the following speakers:

  • FL - front left;
  • FR - front right;
  • RL - rear left;
  • RR - rear right.

also necessary to be careful not to connect the speakers instead of the vehicle weight, for it is necessarily entail car output down.

Some car to connect the speakers are equipped with connectors such as "tulip";they may be used only if the car speakers is appropriate receptacles.

How to put the car into place

After all the wires are connected to their cells, it is necessary to connect the car jack to the car radio and turn it on.It is necessary to check the quality of radio reception and speakers work at high volume.If everything is working properly, it is necessary to accurately set the car in a container where the snap side tabs secure it.

Take the car back if something stops working, it is possible by means of two flat keys, which are typically included in the car kit.It is necessary to remove the front panel of car, put the key on the sides and pull out the device.