How to park ?

How to park ?

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How to park?

One of the most important driving skills is the ability to park properly.This skill taught in all driving schools, because, not being able to park, it is impossible to feel confident behind the wheel of a car.Learn how to properly park the rear and the front swing.It is quite difficult, it will be enough to learn a few simple techniques and a little practice.Good help in the training will be the availability of personal car and a friend (or relative) rights.

How to park in reverse

Most novice drivers believe that parks the reverse is difficult, because in these conditions, visibility is limited and there is a fear to hurt standing next to cars.However, it is worth noting that in some cases it is parallel parking in reverse helps the most comfortable to stand on your chosen location to which will not be able to call the other methods.As a rule, because of an overabundance of cars on our roads is very difficult to find a free parking space with a large dis

tance between the front and rear of the machine.Just in case, when the space is very small, and should be applied parallel parking in reverse.It is executed as follows:

  • first step is to get on a par with a car that stands in front of your chosen parking spot.Then, at a distance of 0.5-1 meters from it is necessary to rise to a position parallel to this car.
  • Next you need to establish a secure zone turning his car to perform parallel parking in reverse.This zone is set on the right rear wheel of the vehicle.It is necessary to hold up mentally from his line to the car windows and remember a specific location on the window of the car.It is for this tag and will need to start the rotation.
  • You can now start to perform a smooth reversing up to that time, as long as your label is not equal to the end of a parked car on the right side.Then unscrew the wheel of a car should be left until the end and continue to carry out reversing up to the moment when you can not see behind the parked car right front edge.
  • At this point you need to stop and turn the wheel of his car in the right position, then you can continue to move backwards again until until it becomes visible to the rear of the car parked in the front.
  • At this point, should turn the steering wheel fully to the left to set the vehicle in a position parallel to the curb and continue backwards.
  • Now we need to level the machine and stand at the same distance from the front and rear of the car.This is necessary in order not to be in the "clamped" position on two sides.

Parking forward travel

Now let's talk about how to properly park between cars move forward, not to create problems themselves and others have drivers.Perform front parking course, it is often necessary, for example if you need to park your car near the shopping center.In this case, the cars are in several rows, and the machine should be placed parallel to the cars.

  • Approaching the parking space, you need to get as far as possible from the parking space.Then follows the smooth movement to start and parallel with spinning wheel.
  • When you are rested into the car, you must stand up and twist the wheel in the opposite direction until it stops.
  • After that, you should move off back at a distance equal to 1-1.5 meters, align the wheel of car and drive into a parking space.

But sometimes there are situations when the car misses the target parking space, and you will rest against one of the sides of your car into a parked car.What to do in such a situation?

  • In order to align the car should continue smooth movement and at the same time twisting the steering wheel so that the wheels of the car all the time moving along the housing facing the machine.
  • So, you will need to close access to the long-standing wheels cars.
  • now need to stop and remove the steering wheel in the direction of rotation up to the stop, and then, passing the remaining distance, you need to put the body of your car parallel to standing on the sides of vehicles.

tips for beginners

The above method is suitable only for experienced drivers who feel confident behind the wheel and are well aware of the size of his car.If you still think of the novice drivers and are afraid someone else mash side of the machine, it is better to resort to another method of how to get out of the parking section line.

  • hit the target, you should stop when the front left corner of your car will look at the distant wheel of a parked car.
  • then be put right wheels of the car and as much as possible to drive up to the wheel.
  • Then turn the steering wheel in the direction of rotation up to the stop and driving forward the remaining distance, set the machine frame parallel to standing on the sides of the car.

But what if, despite all efforts, you still parked close to a nearby car?How to learn how to park in such a situation?For a start do not be discouraged, do not panic and do not rush!Remember that the most important thing - no one is "mash"!

  • First, you need to put your wheels straight, then drive off back as far as the space for your car.
  • now be slowly moving forward, turning the steering wheel and aligning your car.

The process of self-help parking lot is written and filmed more than a dozen movies, but nothing works so well to study this process, the practice on the range.Set a few racks or plastic bottles, imitated parking.Try to call in on their "parking" on the mirror, if it does not, stop, stop the car, get out of it and look at the part where you make a mistake.This will help you better understand the size and maneuverability of the car.