How to set the DVR ?

How to set the DVR ?

DVRs today are very popular.And, certainly, through five years, these devices will be installed in every car.At least in the cars, with responsible owners.After all, what is the meaning of the DVR?This device - a means for capturing video evidence of the driver's innocence.With the DVR, the court, in the case of a traffic accident, will be able to make an objective decision.Therefore, if you drive carefully and understand that on the road a lot of "hooligans" who are willing, for example, drastically slow down for no reason, and to make you guilty, the DVR you, just to be safe.Let's talk in this article about how to install DVR in a car.

How to set the DVR

In fact, even here there are several ways to do this.Most of DVRs, attached directly to the windscreen using the suction cups.This is useful if you often shoot it or take from it a card with recorded files.In this case, all this can be done very quickly.However, the suction cup is not very reliable.If you constantly shoot himself DVR, you do n

ot need, then attach the camera can be on a special bracket that usually comes bundled with the camera.Then, set the DVR, can be on the dashboard in your car.If you use the DVR as a rear-view mirror, it is set in this case, in place of a mirror, by conventional sucker.

In any case, wherever you have installed the camera, be careful so that it does not cover you with an overview, but also fully transmitted view of the road.

How to set the time on the DVR

You understand that each model is different from the other, not only in appearance, but the functionality and settings.In any case, if you bought a video recorder, and do not know how to set the date on the DVR and the time necessary to use the instruction manual.It comes with each, more or less expensive, and therefore, the quality, the DVR.To set the time and date, as practice shows, it is enough just to connect it to a computer and edit one of the files.It is the file that contains information about the date and time.What is this file should be written in the instructions.There are video recorders (more expensive), which have a special housing on the button, with which you can edit the time and date, literally a couple of seconds.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about your DVR in the store where you purchased it.Sellers, necessarily, should be competent in such matters, and to tell you, literally, everything.Starting from how it is better to set the vehicle and finishing settings, including the date and time change.