How to pass the crossroads ?

How to pass the crossroads ?

Before you embark on a journey through the city, you first need a thorough knowledge of traffic rules, according to which the movement is carried out not only cars, but also other vehicles.Pay special attention to traffic rules that specify how to pass the crossroads - the most damaged sections of urban roads.It is they quite often clashes of machinery, get in an accident, pedestrians, and most importantly, among them the lion's share is taken by children and adolescents.Of course, no one says that pedestrians do not have to know the traffic rules, but first of all they need to know the driver to operate a vehicle.

Crossroads - a place of motion changes, so some road users at intersections given priority in the movement, and some have to be content with what they are able to move after a particular vehicle.In addition, in 2010 the Russian Federation entered into force new traffic rules, which will not only have clarity in the movement at the crossroads, on the contrary, made even more challenging

fare on some road sections.Among them is the roundabout, so many members of the movement do not know how to behave at such intersections.Let's try to clarify issues related to the movement at intersections.

Adjustable intersection

more simple in the movement is controlled intersection because the traffic light is installed on it, showing the direction of movement.Thus, questions about how to properly drive through intersections almost there, but not for those drivers who have appeared for the first time at the wheel of their own vehicle.

drivers approaching the intersection regulated, must pay attention to traffic lights, as well as priority signs.Sometimes this intersection is traffic controller, but such a situation occur, if for technical reasons to regulate the movement is not able to light.If you have a "main road" sign, if you want to go in a straight line, then keep going, because you are a member of the traffic that must first pass the intersection.

If you need to turn to the right, miss, first walkers, and only then performs a rotation.In cases where there is a need to turn to the right or to the left, before the intersection must stop, because even in the absence of transport on the main road, you still need to give way to pedestrians.

In cases where you turn left, you should skip the first counter-flow machines, and then give way to pedestrians (which often do not operate drivers), and then rotate.If the traffic light is no additional section, and at the same time, the green light, you still need to perform the previously described rotation algorithm.When turning right at an arrow to make way for the flow, passing to the left on the main green signal.In the presence of the stop line and the traffic light after the turn, guided by the light (with a burning red light you should stop).

unregulated intersection

Rule "right hand" should be used when crossing the unregulated intersections, that is, you should skip pravodvizhuschiysya flow.In the case where you need to turn left or go straight, skip transport, located on the cross-road to the right.Always route vehicles moving towards you.When turning right, you must make sure that other members of the movement passed your car.


At every roundabout, at the entrance to it is a sign, according to which the driver must give way, riding in circles Transport - an innovation that many drivers was known until 2010, when came into effect a newSDA.The fact that previously, these signs have been installed at several circular turns.For information on how to pass roundabout, indicated in paragraph 13.11 of traffic rules, which no one has canceled.

If such signs are not installed, drivers traveling transport must comply with the general rules of the road at intersections, as well as drivers who are only going to enter the circle.Quite often, riding on the wheel do not comply with the general rules, thinking that the drivers of other vehicles must give way to them, which results in a crash.


learn how to drive through intersections, said a lot, but for some traffic and drivers are only the rules laid down on paper, but not the ones that should be strictly abide by.We give and we have some tips for roundabouts, especially since they will be relevant for drivers, constantly plying modern city.

In the case where at the crossroads formed a kind of traffic jam, do not attempt to drive on it, because in fire red light for vehicles, moving along the transverse road, your car will be a barrier to their movement.Please note that the tram at the same traffic light has an advantage over the cars, so never try to cut the road tram rides - always give in such a place transportation, moving along the tram tracks.

If you are not sure that you know how to drive through intersections, suggested again carefully reread the SDA.Also, if you do not know which way to move unfamiliar terrain - on the primary or secondary, always follow the rules governing traffic on the secondary road.