How to install a car seat ?

How to install a car seat ?

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How to install a car seat?

chairs designed for any height and weight of the child, can be mounted in several ways: with the help of regular car seat belts and using IsoFix

system consider in detail the pros and cons of each method and find out how to install a car seat.

Fixing belts

This is the "universal" version of the mounting seat.It can be mounted in any car seat, where there are three-point seatbelts.True, the installation procedure is quite complicated.Published data from studies that show that almost 60% of the seats are fixed incorrectly owners.So be very careful and follow the instructions "How to install a car seat," provided by the seat manufacturer.

Keep in mind that when you install seat belts using you will definitely come across some nuances associated with a certain group of seats.For example, to secure the seat group 0 0 and 1 need rather long seat belts.So, making a purchase, check the length of the seat belt of his car.It should be at least two

meters, otherwise it may not be enough.

But the chair of Group 1, as a rule, are equipped with useful feature: they have a system of belts donatyazheniya.This makes it possible to effortlessly and very firmly fasten seat inside the car.

in the chair group 2-3 do not contain individual safety belts.The child is fastened directly to car seat belts.

Fixing using IsoFix

system This system - a standard way of securing the child seat to the vehicle seat.This option is simple and reliable fixation, thus complies with international safety standards.The risk of incorrect installation is reduced to a minimum, and provided protection in a collision due to the rigid connection between the seat and the car seat.

Externally IsoFix is ​​two metal "brackets", located on the back seat of a car, where touching the seat back and "sidushka".Such a locking system is recognized as the accepted standard, so that the species does not.And some brands of cars on the seat back can be seen the inscription "IsoFix" or the icon depicting the seat.

The main advantages of the child seat anchorage with the help system:

  • Easy and fast installation and dismantling chair
  • rigidity of attachment between the seat and the seat cars
  • No problems with the installation of seat under the car seat
  • almost complete absence of errors when installing
  • high degree of protection in the event of an accident
  • absolute compliance with international standards

However, despite the versatility of the system, there are some shortcomings in its application.Among them:

  • high cost of seats
  • Application only large weight seats

There are also a number of features that are easy to consider when choosing a chair with IsoFix system.These features are dictated by age group.

For example, if the model is adapted by IsoFix system, it will save the most time to install it.Included in this chair is attached a special database, which is locked in the car.It goes to the base seat is latched on.This option allows you to not use seat belts.

Cantilever chair retainers IsoFix fixed only in 2-points.And the very seat must be secured in another third point, in order to avoid twisting and overturning.

This "third attachment point" can be of three types:

  • "leg".It rests against the bottom of the car (used in chairs 0 and 1).
  • Belt TopTether.This is the top reference point (used only in seats group 1).Special strap secures the upper part of the child seat of a separate vehicle mount.It is located at the bottom of the headrest or back of the backrest:
  • system "mobile console locks."It is patented by only one manufacturer of child seats - the company Romer.In such models IsoFix seat locks if necessary move horizontally.This seat does not flip forward and "buried" down.

But children's universal car seats, which combine several age groups, under the IsoFix system are not provided.Keep this in mind if you are thinking of buying a model.

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