How to get under way on the mechanics ?

How to get under way on the mechanics ?

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How to get under way on the mechanics?

novice drivers gradually pull away in a car with a manual transmission can be very difficult.In order to facilitate the learning process itself, should know how to get under way on mechanics, before going to the first practice session.


Before you drive off, make sure that the parking brake is put into operation.To do so, lift the brake lever, if it turned out to be lowered.This helps to keep the vehicle stationary, while the lever is not supervised by the driver.Otherwise, it can happen a variety of unpleasant situations, such as an incorrect start starter when introduced to the work of the transfer, or spontaneous movement of the vehicle on uneven or sloping surface.Do not forget to check the location of the gear lever.He must be in the neutral position.As for the clutch pedal, it should be pressed all the way.Just making sure that all the devices are working standard is allowed to include the ignition and starter,

thereby effecting the launch of the car engine.

starts moving

Before you get a move is necessary to look closely at the mirrors and windows, and make sure that there are no other cars nearby.After that you should turn left turn signal, informing other motorists of your intention to start a movement.Next you need to depress the clutch pedal fully and shift the gear lever to position 1 transmission.To do this the lever should move to the left and forward.Then, without removing the foot from the clutch pedal, the parking brake lever must be lowered and put your hands on the steering wheel (or hold the steering wheel with his left hand and right as you move from place to let go of the handbrake smoothly).Now, very gently to start to let go of the clutch pedal, listening at the same time as the engine is running.When you hear that the frequency of the crankshaft speed starts to drop, it is necessary to hold the clutch pedal a little bit in this position by pressing simultaneously on the gas pedal.The vehicle will begin to move from the place, the clutch will need to gently let go, but without stopping to press the gas pedal.

first error

Try to remember the first time how to get under way on mechanics, to the first time to make as little as possible missteps.For many beginners do not fully depress the clutch pedal, and this in turn creates problems and jerk when the first transmission.Sometimes this process can be accompanied by screeching denounced by the gearbox.This is extremely dangerous and can easily cause damage to it.Also a common mistake beginners is incorrect pressing the gas pedal.If too early to increase the supply of fuel, the engine starts to roar, and the car will not touch with a place due to the fact that the clutch is not fully released.In the case where there is excessive supply of fuel later, the car stalls, taking place at the same leap forward.This may have to withdraw from the grip of the working conditions.If you let go of the clutch too fast, the car starts to jerk and stall.Which may also cause damage to the clutch.But if in time "add gas", Machine, albeit jerkily, pick up the necessary speed and engine speed to stabilize.As a rule, the driver determines the right moment to start increasing the supply of fuel.However, instead of steadily weakening grip he promptly throws the pedal, resulting in an instantaneous stop of the motor.Another mistake - this is too drastic increase in fuel supply.This action leads to the fact that the car is fast, with squealing tires flies away, instead of a measured move.At first glance, the process of starting the movement may seem novice motorists, it is very simple.However, in practice it would be quite different.In order to get a good work out this process, it is recommended on a flat surface to perform several attempts to pull away and then stop.

How to get under way on the mechanics of the hill

In this case, no need to invent anything new.The hill should get under way as well as on a flat road, but also not forget the handbrake.Very convenient to keep the car handbrake, so it does not roll down at the time of how you will be touched by a steep hill.At the same time the clutch pedal must be included sharply and push the gas pedal more confidently.Touching the hill, you should feel when you can let go of the clutch and pushing the gas harder.This feeling comes as you get used to a particular car.Video "How to get under way on mechanics" will help to better understand this process.