How to get a move on ?

How to get a move on ?

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How to get a move on?

most difficult moment during the learning operation of the vehicle is that of a smooth start, and often - and start at all.Moreover, it has been difficult not only women but also men.How to get a move on?To do this, you need to understand a few things, such as: the gas pedal, brake, clutch, which is necessary to squeeze out, and besides, all this must be done at the same time.This even remember at first difficult, but not what to do to start automatically following a certain algorithm.But the rules and recommendations contained in this article will help you with this.

How to learn to get a move

At first glance, it is certainly not easy, but, as practice shows, it is achievable, and the main thing here - the understanding of the meaning and principles of all the manipulations that you will perform at startup.The most important thing - to feel the car, I would even say, to feel it.Learn how to operate smoothly and kicks, too, is important, but it

is a feeling of oneness with the car to help you start your movement smooth and without any jerks.First, let's internalize the basic principles and get acquainted with the system, which are responsible for the start.Firstly, it's mission.If simple mission - a set of specific mechanisms, which are set in motion transmit the torque from the engine to the wheels of the machine.Also, transmission and is directly connected with the possibility of changing the direction of motion, as well as speed.Most often, when people say "transmission" have in mind transmission.

transmission types

transmission is divided into automatic and manual transmission.Automatic - This automatic transmission, manual transmission - respectively, mechanical.In the automatic transmission torque converter performs the title role, and in MKPP- grip.The difference is that the converter operates by itself without any intervention of the driver.Shifting gear ratio changes, affecting the speed of the machine.This is due to the gear unit in the manual transmission or automatic transmission in planetary row.It goes with the automatic gearshift by means of clutch and brake band and clutch.Well, the classic manual transmission - the two serrated wheel and the difference between them, corresponding to the transmission level.This level or higher, or lower, or neutral.Well, if automatic transmission control is carried out by electronic system.With manual transmission management process depends directly on you.However, if you learn to drive off smoothly on the mechanics, problems with a gun you will not have.And the first thing we will explain the principle of smooth start it on manual transmission.

How smoothly get a move on mechanics

Well, that time has come to sit in the driver's seat and try to pull away.For starters, make sure that you have enough space to start and that your car manual transmission, as we start learning it on her.The starting position for the start - in neutral and apply the parking brake.And now the points.

  1. Povornite ignition key and start the engine.
  2. Put your right foot on the brake pedal, and the left start to squeeze the clutch.
  3. Switch to 1st speed, and now release the handbrake - "hammer" and switch from thinking and computing experiences language, for further will be important that they, as an analyst, we did not help here, and even vice versa - will interfere with focus and fineperform a start.
  4. Start slowly and gradually release the clutch.Here the main goal: to catch, to realize, to feel, to feel the response time, or, as they say, the clutch setting.This process can be monitored visually by the tachometer on the dashboard, the needle of the device at this point will shake.
  5. So, catching the moment, move the leg with one pedal to the other, ie with brake and gas gradually add momentum and traction to keep the setting point.Slowly add gas until the car starts to light traffic, and then slowly release the clutch.At this point, you can even add gas.

If done correctly, you will get a true pleasure and joy from the fact that, finally, managed to make a good start.If somewhere you make a mistake, you will feel something, such as a jerk when clutch is released abruptly, or the roar of the engine if the early and strongly pressed on the gas pedal.In addition, the car may just stall when you release the clutch at low engine speeds, the consequences of too little pressure on the gas pedal.The main thing - well remember the order of the movements, because this method is a classic car pulling away, and almost all the experts advise to do so.Well, now move on to how to get a move on the machine.

Start with automatic

The automatic gear box we see something quite different.To start designation of major provisions of the selector lever:

  • P means parking mode;
  • R - is the reverse mode;
  • N - a neutral position of the lever;
  • D is driving mode.

Well, now, as they say, get up to the starting position, but rather sit down.The right leg should be placed on the brake pedal and the parking brake should be included - as well as on the manual gearbox.Now move the selector lever from position P or R, in position D, release the parking brake and release the brake pedal.That's it - you go.Well, what you want - it's automatic.Laziness - the engine you know what, and in cars, too, everything is subordinated to convenience.But you know - no one, even the most intelligent automatic transmission can not be compared with the most primitive mechanics in gear selection art at a particular point - for example, when driving uphill or downhill.In urban areas - can be, but not in the country where control with manual transmission will be much more accurate - with experience, of course.And one more tip before you drive off.The Board is very simple: before you start, remember - and if you learn to stop the car!If something does not believe, or something you can not, it is best to safely stop the vehicle and analyze the situation.

method of testing start

Many'll want to see how smoothly they squeeze the gas pedal and clutch.And indeed it is very useful for beginners.As an example, recommend use a plastic cup filled with water.To judge how you get smoothly squeeze the pedal, it can be on the level of water that remains in the cup after your exercise.And, of course, will help the video at the top of the article as a move on.