How to create a theme for your mobile phone ?

How to create a theme for your mobile phone ?

Each of us has a cell phone.But when he saw a neighbor or employee mobile phone of the same model, we want to make your cell phone an individual, so what is not, no one.This will help us a new topic.Subject is able to change the background on a regular very real beautiful graphics.In your phone there are original icons, icons, own color scheme and even melody.a few standard themes inherent in each phone manufacturer.Themes can wear nautical theme, or landscape with the image of your favorite artist.All topics are different from each other, and you can change them at least every hour, depending on the desires and mood.But in order to fit your theme to suit your style and character, you need to do it yourself.However, not everyone knows how to create a theme for your mobile phone yourself.

In our time, in the presence of the Internet, telephone and patience to make it easy.There are various programs and websites that you visit to learn how to create your own background graphics.Also, there are many

forums in which good people can answer questions about how to make a theme for your phone.So, we proceed to the most useful parts of this article.


How to create a theme for your mobile phone Nokia?For this purpose there is a special site by logging in which you create a theme from your favorite photos, or choose an existing one, will be able to create a theme for your mobile phone online.This site is totally free, in addition, it is equipped with a variety of tips.This constructor has the right to the user to create a personal folder in which to store his work.Over time, these works can alter and download.Also, in the catalog other users after viewing the exhibit individual assessment and written comments tips, ideas and tips.If you do not want to create a theme and just want to chat, to accumulate skills, then you need to go to the thematic site group.There users can communicate with each other on a variety of topics, hold contests and polls.Perhaps, in addition to a beautiful phone theme, you will get more friends.

During the creation of the theme, do not select the image with the big weight, otherwise you will have problems with downloading, and the theme will be ready to occupy much of your phone's memory.Change icon, icons, shape the image clock and color schemes.Just be sure the background color that is not merged with the selected image.Permission is granted to select the melody weighing not more than 1 megabyte.Upon completion of your creation, it must necessarily be retained.Note that this feature is available only to registered users.Think of your subject and keep the original name in the directory, so other forum users can evaluate your work, or to download it yourself.Once saved, you download the theme created on a personal computer.In order to install it on your phone, you need a USB cable or Bluetooth.The phone settings will choose as the main theme and enjoy their own art.As you can see, to create a theme for Nokia phone is not difficult.


To create a theme for Samsung brand mobile phone, you need to download and install Samsung Theme Designer program that will allow you to create your own graphic image.You can change or saturate the colors, change the font and lettering phone.The program is very easy to use, after installation, you will be able to learn a lot of interesting features that will help your phone be more original.

Sony Ericsson

For Sony Ericsson brand phones there is an online application "mobilizes", with which you can easily create a theme for your mobile phone for free.In this application, you can create any topic using photos, music and other animated screensaver.Also in the "mobilizes" You can already download There is a beautiful theme.In addition to this function, this application is allowed to cut the mp3 - files that are useful to you when you create a topic and create your own flash clock.

new theme will change the inner world of your phone, emphasize its individuality.Choose and create the theme to match your personality.Be original in every way!