How to pull out the radio ?

How to pull out the radio ?

Ordinary head unit - is an integral part of any modern car.For its functional state is necessary to monitor constantly.That this will increase her lifespan by several years.If the tape recorder is hopelessly broken, it is necessary to take appropriate measures for its repairs.To repair this kind of art can not everyone.If you do not enter the number of craftsmen, it is better not to try to climb, contact the repair service.

take out the radio

Currently, the Russian market presents a huge variety of different types of radios.If you are tired of your old cassette player, you can easily get rid of it by buying a new one.To do this, you will need to pull out the old tape recorder.So, let's look at how to get out of the car radio.

To get the radio using the available tools most accurately and quickly, it is necessary to use a Phillips screwdriver, metal ruler or a pair of tweezers, which you can easily hook on the top panel of your player.It should be as gently as possible to push the line od overla

y of plastic that protects the inside of the device from all sorts of influences from the outside.

next step in the process of how to get the head unit - a slow pulling it out of the plastic panel.Most often it is mounted on the four clips.Now we have to remove the screws, by which the recorder is attached to the body.Then take out the device and disable the radio, sipping blue for piles up.The antenna is secured tightly enough, so it must be with a little effort to pull over.That's all the process regarding how to get the keys without radio, is completed.

Put new

This procedure can be performed not only in domestic cars, but also in foreign cars, since almost all of the radio, which are produced on the market today, have a similar structure.Try to make every action as carefully as possible and carefully, so as not to scratch or mar the surface of the device, because if you damage it, for resale will not be out of the question.If you are going to the place of an old radio set new, then try to follow the same sequence of actions, only in reverse order.So you put a new tape recorder quickly enough.When you select a device, try to pay attention to what specifications it has, since it needs to support all the latest communication standards and have ports to connect flash drives.

Now you know how to get the radio quickly and easily, for this you do not have to buy additional tools and study the scientific literature.