How to drive a car ?

How to drive a car ?

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How to drive a car?

Many drivers believe that the advice on safe driving is needed only for beginners-drivers with little experience.But they are profoundly mistaken.Absolutely at any age and with any driving experience should be interested in useful information, which relates to safe driving, and to apply it in practice.Learn how to drive a car.This knowledge is necessarily good for you.

First of all, the driver who wants to learn how to drive in a safe style, must have a very high technical expertise.The next skill is the ability to properly assess the situation on the road at some critical moment.And, of course, if you really want to become a good driver, and be able to function properly in some difficult situations, you need to learn how to use the above skills simultaneously.

Trouble-free driving technique

Its essence lies in the fact that the driver must always remain calm, be careful to avoid sharp cornering and braking.It should be remembered that the driver

s following behind you must be time to evaluate your actions.Remember that they can drastically slow down or change lanes to avoid a collision with your car.this applies especially winter time of the year.

safe distance

Thinking about how to operate the car, the main thing to remember an important point when driving safely is respect for the race.It should be remembered that between the cars should always be kept a safe distance.In most cases, it helps avoid an accident.This safe distance is calculated as follows: for every 15 km / h should be a one length of your vehicle.

Correct position of the driver

The surest way to be in a state of readiness throughout the driving time - to maintain the correct position of the state of his body.The driver behind the wheel to sit without bending, taking a comfortable position, which will provide an opportunity to feel the multiple signals transmitted to the vehicle and the road.The driver must always be ready to respond with lightning speed to interference, so it is no movement that does not hamper.This should steer smoothly, without sudden movements, speed switch in series, and the signal of the rotation to give advance.


speed Highlighting the theme, how to learn to drive a car while preserving the security, we can not be said about the restriction speed on roads.You must know that such restrictions are set, as a rule, for optimal conditions.Therefore, while driving in the dark, you need to go much slower in heavy traffic or poor visibility, the speed, which is set for a particular area.However, too slow ride can interfere with other drivers, so if your car is not able to develop a high speed to the traffic flow, it is necessary to move to the far right lane.

it safe to make a left turn

no secret that it is at the crossroads turn to the left is the most dangerous.If you need to turn, do not hurry up and turn the steering wheel.It should be staying in their lane, patiently miss all oncoming traffic, it does not stand at the crossroads slowly sideways.Only when you make sure the cars are from you far enough away to make the maneuver, proceed to its implementation.Move slowly and avoid sudden steering, the car behind, if necessary, I managed to find their way.

How to get rid of the "tail" rear

on the roads can be seen quite often as some car literally "stuck" to you and drives you on a very small distance.Of course, it is not safe.In case of sudden braking, the rear car can simply enter you.In order to get rid of the "pursuer", you need to slow down and leave him little room for overtaking.

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Now you know how to drive a car, so as not to jeopardize themselves and their families.Of course, 50% is up to you, the other 50% of people traveling to meet you.Yes, from accidents nobody is insured, but remember that observing the basic rules of driving, you will be able to increase their safety in times.Of course, you should also remember that you should not talk on the phone while driving, as well as the enthusiasm to talk with someone.Concentrate, remember that repairs your car will cost a lot of money, so be careful!Have a good trip!