How to increase the volume on your phone ?

How to increase the volume on your phone ?

Mobile phones on the market are now a great many.And each month there are more and more new models, and each of them something special.But no matter how your phone was not - smartphone, the cot, ordinary black-and-white machine - sometimes the question arises: how to increase the volume on your phone?We will try to help you with this.

Decide which volume you need

First you need to figure out what kind of volume you want to enlarge.The fact is that in any phone incorporated several volume settings - the volume of music playback, the speaker volume during a phone call, the ringer volume, etc.For example, you are not happy with what the volume of music played on your phone.To fix this, there are several ways.First of all, you need to set up the equalizer.Either player is a function with which you can enhance the bass, increase the power of the vocal sound.In addition, there are several equalizer preset sound options - blues, soul, rock and so on.Choosing between these options, you can choose the mo

st pleasant sound for yourself.You can also adjust the volume of each player using the side buttons, which are responsible for the overall volume.Or if these keys on the side of the device there is no need to look for them in the player's menu.

Increase sound using

program If the sound still does not suit you, you can use a special program to increase the volume.In particular, there is an easy to use program mp3Gain.It must be installed on your computer, download it all the tracks that you want to make louder, and expose the desired volume level.

Increases the sound during a call

If during a call, you almost can not hear the interlocutor, it is necessary also to increase the volume.How to increase the volume on your phone?This is usually done with the help of the above-mentioned side keys, which are responsible for the overall volume.It happens that during a conversation a person accidentally presses the button, and the sound becomes quieter.In this case, pressing the button on the side improve volume.If the side buttons is not likely, the sound is controlled by the joystick that you want to snap up.

turn up the volume on incoming calls

If you call another subscriber of your phone is weak sounds, and you almost can not hear incoming calls, you need to correct the volume on your phone.This is done in the settings.In any phone has a menu with the settings.There will need to select the "Sound" menu (in some phones, this menu is called "signals").In some phones, the default low volume signal, so as not to hurt your ears.