How to charge the gel battery ?

How to charge the gel battery ?

The main difference from conventional gel batteries that special additive is present in the composition of its liquid electrolyte - silicon dioxide (SiO2).It helps form the acid from the liquid jelly.It's the battery fills the space.

Its main advantage - the ability to recombine the gases that are formed when the batteries.They do not evaporate but fall back into the electrolyte gel and take part in chemical processes occurring during the battery charging.In such gel batteries recombination effect reaches 99%!

Gel batteries are made with virtually sealed enclosure, that is, they are absolutely maintenance-free.And maintained more of full discharge cycles while maintaining its performance.Plus - they have a very low self-discharge current.For example, the year the charge level is reduced by only 20%.

Because of these features, gel batteries require a certain state of the onboard power cars and charging options.We'll show you how to charge the gel battery.

Conditions for charging gel battery

voltage that is fed to the battery terminals at the time of charge, should not be changed during the entire procedure, and thus can not be above 14.4 V. So car owners have from time to time to monitor the work processrelay controller, which often produces a voltage pulse of 13 to 16 V. Such jumps are completely unacceptable for gel batteries.

How to charge the gel battery

main rule gel battery charging - this is the use of lower discharge and charging currents.The fact that at large currents, a simple battery begins to "boil" and releases the gas into the atmosphere.In sealed gel batteries can not.If there is an overload, it literally swells up to body corrosion.

Typically, the discharge current is indicated in the instructions to the battery, but the charge - is always 0.1 times the capacity.For example, the battery capacity 7.5Ah charging current 750ma, 12Ah - 1,2-and so on.

Special chargers, which are used for charging gel batteries, implement a convenient, two-step charging process, through which the battery is charged quickly and without any damage.The main principle of these chargers is that the initial time as the charging current does not exceed 0.1 times the capacity of the battery and when the battery voltage reaches a maximum (14.4V), the device is switched mode voltage stabilization clear.At the same time the charge current gradually decreases and when it reaches the 1 \ 3 of the maximum "charge" off.

If the battery is not disconnected from the charger, then after some time the voltage across it will start to decrease, and when it reaches 13,5v, "charge" on again, keeping the battery in a charged state in the future for a long time.

This charge scheme eliminates overcharging (with possible swelling) of the battery and allows you to create the optimal conditions for normal storage.

Now that you know whether or not to charge the gel battery can.