How to drive a car ?

How to drive a car ?

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How to drive a car?

If you set a goal to learn to drive a vehicle, along with the study of the rules of the road you must also understand how to operate the machine.Drive the car with the ACCC is pretty simple, more complicated case with a manual transmission.In this case it is necessary to focus directly on many points.

Driving can be divided into several stages, each of which plays a major role in equal parts.

preparatory stage

first necessary to understand the work of the main elements that are responsible for the vehicle.


vehicle mechanical type has three pedals: gas, brake and clutch.The first two pedals are very clear, but the clutch is responsible for shifting gears.Press on the pedal, as well as to let them go, it is necessary smoothly and without jerks, that it will extend the service mechanism.When you press the wrong, you will hear a grinding or crunching.In addition, it should be noted that each leg is responsible for a certain pedal: t

he left - grip, right - gas and brake.Before you start moving, you need to "idle" to press the pedal to a little getting used to the power pedal.


In contrast to the automatic transmission, manual presented as a four- or five-step high-speed mode, and with the additional reverse gear.It is for the gear change and the clutch is used.It is worth remembering that the transfer switch should be only when fully depressed the clutch pedal.At the same time, each gear has its purpose.

  • Zero.It is used mainly when the car is stationary.
  • first.This transfer is intended to initiate movement and to accelerate the vehicle up to 25 km / h.If the speed increases, the need to switch to second gear, but do not forget about the clutch pedal.
  • second.Novice drivers think that speed "working" as a second pereadche can travel up to 40 km / h, which is usually the maximum for students driving.
  • third and subsequent ones.Third gear comprise from 40 km / h on the fourth traveling at 60 km / h and above.Outside the city, you can include a fifth gear and move at a speed of 70 to 110 km / h.
  • back.Transfer "Reverse" is intended to move back.

Studying the structure of a transmission, you need to remember what position is each transmission.First, you have to practice to switch them "blindly".


Also, do not forget about the additional devices, such as switches and dipped beam headlights, direction and alarm buttons, which also features the work you need to know.

algorithm movement

Once you have learned all the basic devices and tried their job, you can proceed to the main point - the beginning of the movement.

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair (raise or lower back if necessary), fasten your seat belts, set neutral.
  2. Start the engine, depress the clutch and shift into first gear, dropping the hammer, gradually releasing the clutch and pressing the gas pedal.This should be done without jerking.
  3. When your speed reaches 20 - 25 km / h, and can switch to second gear, and the feet movements should be the same as in the preceding paragraph.Change is necessary, when you hear that the machine starts to buzz.
  4. To stop smoothly, it is necessary to squeeze the clutch and press the brake pedal gently.When the car starts to slow down, squeeze the clutch and shift to neutral, while continuing to drag.After that, you must raise the handbrake and you can get out of the vehicle.


  • can not start moving in gear.
  • If the motor runs quietly, it is necessary to lower the transmission, that is, switch to a lower.
  • leaving the vehicle, do not forget to put the car on the handbrake.And since the movement, do not forget to take it off.
  • Also, do not forget to turn on lights before driving, and wear a seat belt.

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