How to increase the phone's memory ?

How to increase the phone

Nowadays, almost every person can not afford a simple cell phone, and a mini-computer or a smartphone.Such devices allow you to set them hundreds of games, applications, watch movies, listen to music and so on.But there is one thing without which it is impossible to do and with whom to face each user of smart phones and handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) - this is not enough memory in the phone.When this happens, your phone is no longer possible to place any application that is not freeing memory at the same time.To learn how to increase the phone's memory, to tell our article.

Increase your phone's internal memory

physically expand the memory capacity, built-in phone, you can not.But how to increase the phone's internal memory?Very simple.Most modern smartphones have the ability to establish and carry installed applications on a separate memory card.

If the memory card's memory is full, you can buy a map of greater volume and make the transfer of all files and applications from the old

card to it.When removing the card from the phone, you need to pay attention to its labeling, the main thing to purchase a memory card of the same size.Buy these cards can be in any salon of cellular communication.

If the transfer application on the card can not be, or insert a memory card is not provided by the telephone, you must:

  1. Install any File Manager on your phone (for example, X-plore).Use it to remove unwanted:
    • photos and movies
    • temporary files (tmp folder)
    • data folders that are left on the already remote programs
  2. If enough memory you are not released, you must look at the list alreadyinstalled programs.Think about how often you use a particular program.Chances are, most of the games and programs you do not use at all.Therefore, remove them.Then, again, check the manager of files for temporary files and folders.As a rule, most take the game, so they need to be removed first.And if for some you will need the remote application again, you can re-install it quickly and easily.

Increase phone memory

Sometimes you need to increase not only the internal phone memory, but also operational, so that the program can quickly and work correctly.To learn how to increase the operational memory of the phone, read on.

To increase the RAM you need:

  1. Start Process Manager on your phone, usually by holding a few seconds the "MenuĀ»
  2. See what processes are running, and turn off unnecessary

Now you know how to increaseandroid phone memory and Symbian!

Apple smartphones, namely the iPhone, have closed the file system.Without interfering in the internal device manually clean your phone will not work.You can only remove unwanted music, software and video files.