What should be the driver?

What should be the driver?

Each profession requires special knowledge and skills of the person.Job driver - is no exception.In addition, it is necessary to be able to drive a car, you should also be aware of the traffic rules, a set of laws that regulate the traffic and have excellent eyesight and reaction, to avoid bad situations on the road.

Legal Framework

There is a list of what needs to know the laws of the driver for safe driving.First, the driver must be aware of what the laws, rules and regulations governing road traffic and that carries a violation of these rules.The main document for the car enthusiast should be the Council of Ministers Resolution №1090, which introduces rules of the road.

Everyone knows that ignorance of the law is not an excuse, it is therefore also necessary to know the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offences to understand that entails a violation of traffic rules.Drivers should read and the list of penalties established by the Government for various offenses

on the road, as well as additional orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which are designed to regulate road traffic in the country.

Driver Documents

Every motorist is also important to know what documents must have a driver, going on the road.Following the last instructions of the Government of the Federation, in the list of mandatory documents include driver's certificate of vehicle registration, driver's license, as well as mandatory for all insurance policy CTP.Power of attorney for driving a car to carry today is not necessary.

Driver ethics

Besides that every driver should know the traffic rules prescribed by the legislation, there are also a variety of special unspoken rules that you need to follow a good driver.

Experienced drivers know that does not always work to comply with the official traffic rules, but it is important not to interfere with the movement on the road.Give way, where there is a need to think several steps ahead, not gaining speed when overtaking - a summary of the rules that govern normal drivers.

also sorting out what should be the driver, the driver is aware of the ethics.We need to communicate with other road users using the gestures and lights, to respect the traffic police, do not use the horn in a residential area.All this can be characterized as the driver correct road user.

driver taxi driver

driver who wishes to work as a taxi driver, should not only know and observe traffic rules, but also have some other personal traits to their profession.There are some rules on how to be a taxi driver.In the first place, the taxi driver should be perfectly aware of the road junction area, where he is going to work.It is also important that the taxi driver was quite knowledgeable person as a passenger often want to talk in a way to pass the time.

In addition, the taxi driver should be a little psychologist to guess the mood of passengers when necessary, and when it is not necessary to start the conversation, when to turn on or turn off the music.And, of course, important is the appearance of both the driver and passenger compartment.If the taxi driver well dressed, shaved and combed, and the interior is clean and tidy, the view of this taxi driver will only have the best, and the trip will be enjoyable.

Officially, there is no such list, which would have told, what qualities must have a driver.Everyone knows that a good driver should be professional in their field - to know the SDA, to navigate the terrain and have an understanding of the driver's ethics.But in order to responsibly manage the car, you must also have persistent mental health, excellent eyesight and reaction.This will help avoid negative situations on the road.

And the road is important patience.It is precisely in handy in traffic, when communicating with the staff of traffic police and other unpleasant situations.In addition, a good driver can certainly help in any way to another driver in trouble, or unable to cope with extreme driving conditions.