How to update Explay Navigator ?

How to update Explay Navigator ?

Life and Technology does not stand still, everything is constantly being improved and updated.Speaking about the browser, it should be noted that many motorists prefer to use them.They believe that the navigators make life easier for the one who focuses on bad roads.In this article, let's talk about how to update Explay Navigator.

software update NAVITEL

This popular company as Explay, prefers to use the company "Navitel" service, which is famous for its high-quality updates.Once out program "Navitel Navigator" fifth edition, many motorists have decided to update the browser.Members with confidence refer to the program, because it is constantly being improved in the world of technology.The good news is that the program is suitable not only for the new, but also for older browsers.In the update is an interesting program that surprised many for its features:

  • significantly increased sensitivity to traffic jams.
  • Fully demand option "to avoid twists."
  • now possible to lay new routes along the way
    , without returning to the starting point of the route.
  • Service "Dynamic POI» became fully available to use.

Installing the software "Navitel Navigator 5»

Installation is quick, easy and, most importantly.

  • Download the archive navigation software version and unzip on your computer.
  • create a folder "Navitel" and transfer to the contents of the unpacked archive.
  • sure to drag a folder to the program activation key.If you do not accidentally preserved, then download it again in a private office.

Here are some additions to the program:

  1. new Fast routing, and now the construction of routes is much faster - just a couple of seconds.
  2. Optimized maneuver when setting the route.
  3. Improved interface of the program itself.
  4. became much faster and easier to find the object at a particular address.
  5. Now you can support cards of the new format with fast indexing nm3.
  6. now become displayed temporarily blocking of roads.
  7. Includes sensitivity adjustment avoiding route.
  8. has another additional configuration - Auto-motion way.

Installing and Upgrading

navigator map Let's look at how to update the map for free Explay Navigator

  • Connect the device to your computer.If you Navitel program is on a separate flash card, you must extract it and open on the computer.Next, we will work with this flash card.
  • At the root of the card you need to create a separate folder for other maps, such UserMaps.All other folders do not touch anything and they do not keep.To avoid possible conflicts between the official and other cards.
  • The created folder UserMaps, make another folder under the map of the region that you want to add to the atlas.Let it be REGION1.
  • Copy all files in the new map Region1 folder.
  • put in the flash card navigation.
  • Select program "Navitel Navigator" menu item called "Open Atlas" and click on the icon at the bottom of the window to a folder to create a new atlas.
  • window appears in which Region1 find the folder where we have new maps are located, open it and select the "Create Atlas".
  • expect when indexing is complete, and the atlas is created.Then press the button with a check mark.
  • All you can now use the new map, noting the need for atlas in the list.

Now you know how to upgrade your free Explay Navigator affordable and easy way.This will allow you to enjoy all its possibilities to the full.This means that you never ever get lost, and quickly find a way to your destination.