Do I need to warm up the engine?

Do I need to warm up the engine?

debate about how much the car to warm up the engine, and if at all warm, conducted not only between novice motorists.Opinions expressed on this issue set.In the debate about whether to warm up the engine must be opponents led many arguments.Among them, links, and premature wear on the engine, and the need to achieve the optimum temperature, and the possibility of fuel economy, and even the need for compliance with environmental safety requirements.To understand this issue objectively, it is necessary to consider the main arguments for and against, and then work out the optimal algorithm of actions.


Supporters of the slow heating of the engine, to the beginning of the movement, do not distinguish between whether you need to warm up the fuel-injected engine, or the engine carburetor.According to them, when the cold engine, especially at high load, sharply accelerated component wear.This is not only due to lack of lubrication mechanisms.In a cold engine between the parts has a temporary mismat

ch gap.When heated to the operating temperature takes gap set values ​​and the details begin to interact properly.

With slow warming up the engine in its details do not appear dangerous thermal stresses that result can be a serious failure.For example, warping of the cylinder head or jamming of the piston.

In deciding to what temperature to warm up the engine, it is worth considering the fact that the cycle ride when the engine does not fully warm up, it is formed condensate, which is then reacted with the products of combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel to form an acid that eats awayinside the motor.Therefore it is necessary to give the motor run until such time as he does not warm up to operating temperature.


Supporters fast engine warm lead their arguments.Giving advice on how to warm up the engine, they note that when driving the motor warms up faster and therefore less time working in an unfavorable time.After idling, the engine heats up slowly.

Slow warming leads to a significant consumption of fuel, as all the while the car is worth, rather than going to a destination.

question of whether to warm up the diesel engine does not need discussion, because, according to experts, a modern diesel normally warm up at idle, up to operating temperature, even impossible.

at the forefront, environmental priorities, foreign producers note a considerable damage to the environment, which causes the engine running at idle.

optimal algorithm

The basis of an optimal solution of how to properly warm up the engine, is a compromise.The car should start with fully pressed the clutch pedal, and then release it very slowly.

Depending on the air temperature should be allowed to run the engine at idle speed from 1 to 10 minutes in order to thickened grease slightly warmed and distributed on the details.At the same time, in the winter it is not necessary to include the maximum power the stove fan, this will slow the heating of the motor.

After the engine has warmed up to a temperature of 45 ° (as in the "advanced" and foreign cars can be up to 20 °), you can start moving smoothly, making sure that the engine speed does not exceed two thousand.When the engine has warmed up to operating temperature, it is possible to continue movement in a normal rhythm.