How to remove the game from your phone ?

How to remove the game from your phone ?

Sooner or later every person is faced with the fact that he needs to clear the memory on the phone.Of course, the easiest way to do this - is to remove the old, abandoned the game.How to remove the game from your phone?Before you remove the game from your phone, you need to make sure that it is you no longer need, or make a backup copy on your computer.

Removing games from simple phones

If you are using a simple phone without all the bells and whistles, such as a telephone on the 60th Nokia platform, the game files are listed there as a file with the extension jar.Find these files can be in different places, depending on where you installed them.To do this, you can insert the memory card into the card reader and connect it to your computer or climb on the File Manager directly into the phone.Usually, games are stored in a folder with the appropriate name.

You can also open a menu with games, find the file, press the left soft key and select from the menu item "delete".However, some games do not

want to be deleted in such a simple way - it all depends on your phone model and the type of game.

Remove the game on Symbian

on Symbian correctly remove the game only using the Application Manager.Usually it is in the menu "Tools".After his selection, you will have to wait a few minutes until the program will create a list of all your existing folders on the phone.You just find the folder with games and all of the same soft-key poudalyat unnecessary files.

more complex operating systems

How to remove the game from your phone based on Windows Mobile operating system, Mac OS and other operating systems for mobile phones require a more serious approach to the removal of the phone programs and games.In this case, you must have a computer with a program in advance for your phone.Then you need to connect your phone to your computer, open the appropriate program on your computer and delete files only through the menu that opens in the program.

Do not try to remove yourself playing with your phone, if you do not know how to do it, because nedoudalennye files can significantly block the memory on your device.