How to connect tumanki ?

How to connect tumanki ?

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tumanki How to connect?

most important in the fog lamps is a precise feeding of light.Just this has a direct impact on road lighting.After installing the PTF it is very important that, as far as the right to adjust the angle of incidence of light of headlights, then even in bad weather with little movement speed fog can provide you visibility on the road ten meters.

It should be noted that the connection tumanok is not so difficult as it may seem, the main thing - is the ability to handle the tools and the knowledge of the location of the major components of the car.However, if you are what is called "complete zero" in this case, the question is how to connect tumanki should be resolved exclusively in the service station.

How to install fog lights?First, check whether all you have.To install the required tumanok:

  • fog,
  • fuse for 15 amps,
  • electrical tape, wire,
  • relay and block PTF,
  • tumanok power button.


  1. First remove the central panel, t
    here you will see a pair of illumination lamps, light bulbs do not require, you need to find a hand at the end of two-pin connector wires.It is to him, and will attach one of the contacts of the relay.
  2. Then take the first posting and attach it to the connector that is found, the other wire should be attached to the button.
  3. After posting this, navigate to the relay, so you should be formed in the circuit of 12 volts.
  4. The next step is drawing 87 of contact to the battery.In this case it would be better if you put a fuse as close as possible to the battery.
  5. Contact 86 should throw to the body.
  6. And the final step is to install itself headlights.Each light has two wires - plus and minus.Less need to throw to the body, and that's a plus on both headlights first connect, and then pull the battery.Then you need to pick it up on the relay and connect to the terminal number 30. Try to make sure that the wires to be seen.

That's the whole wiring diagram fog lamps.You can check them in action.How to connect other accessories, you can see in Car Accessories.