Why misted glass ?

Why misted glass ?

As soon as the cold weather, even on a rainy day in the summer, all motorists are beginning to disturb the misted windows in the car.This is not only unpleasant, but also quite dangerous, as greatly reduces visibility for the driver.

reasons misting

main reason for such unpleasant phenomenon can safely be called the temperature difference between the vehicle interior and the external environment, resulting in condensation, which causes fogging of glasses in the car.Read more about the condensate can be found in the article What is condensation.

Another reason is the high humidity in the cabin, which can cause corrosion of the metal, and it is the ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew.Sources of moisture in the car a very large number.One of the most important - people.We exhale hot air, which condenses on the glass.Therefore, the more passengers in the car, the higher the humidity.But other than that there is still wet shoes, wet mats and car heater.

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he top of the bonnet, which leads to a snow from entering directly in a stove.

Methods of dealing with fogged windows

If you understand why misted glass in the car, but now need to understand how to deal with this phenomenon.

  • The most important rule - cleanliness.Saloon car must always be clean and ventilated, it is better not to get into the car in wet shoes.Also, rubber car mats to be changed.Due to its shape and texture, they contribute to the collection of water, absorbing it into its surface.Very much it helps with fogging the windows correctly configured the climate system of the car.Directing air from the vents at the windows, you can very quickly dry them.
  • Today, car care market there are many anti-misting.The principle of operation of these funds is quite simple - they change the properties of the surface tension.They form a thin film on the glass, with which water droplets simply roll off.In addition to proprietary tools, there are many folk methods.The most common name can be a solution which consists of 10 parts alcohol and one part of glycerol, which need to rub the glass.
  • most radical method is anti-fog film which glue on the window on the principle that applied to motorcycle helmets, commercial equipment or optics.

Whatever the reason why the misted glass, ways to get rid of it very much.You just have to remember that it is not only uncomfortable, but also very dangerous phenomenon for the driver and for the passengers of the car.

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