How to choose a subwoofer ?

How to choose a subwoofer ?

subwoofer - it is one of the most important parts of the sound system.Powerful bass and clear, pleasant sound - this is something that many aspire to.The subwoofer is indispensable where you want the sound to an open area, such as a picnic.Before you buy such a thing, you should think about how to choose the right subwoofer.All subwoofers are divided into active and passive.

Active and passive subwoofers

active subwoofers - it is a subwoofer with integrated amplifier.These subwoofers are simple, because they do not require any special knowledge on the subwoofer connection, simply included in the two input audio system, and left.It is believed that the quality and characteristics of the active subwoofers passive inferior.These subwoofers are worse in quality, but they are easier to use and do not need to buy an amplifier for them.

Passive subwoofer - is itself without a subwoofer amplifier.In order to activate it, you must already have some knowledge or hire a specialist.This requires a clear ba

lance subwoofer multimedia device, the amplifier and subwoofer.If you think about how to choose the amplifier to the subwoofer, be sure to buy him the power, the power of which will correspond to the subwoofer (the power specified in the instructions of the subwoofer-passport).


subwoofers Subwoofers are divided into five types.

  • band subwoofer (bandpass).In this embodiment, the speaker is hidden inside the body.This subwoofer sound passes through the phase inverter.Not the cheapest type, but can be used without a crossover.
  • passive-radiator subwoofers (radpass).This type is equipped with two additional speakers.The second speaker performs a lowering of the overall connection resonance.
  • Closed subwoofer (closed) differs from the others in that it has a fully enclosed housing.It is considered a more economical option.
  • Fazoinvertny subwoofer (vented) also performed well, because he has a strong, good sound, but it is worth a lot.
  • compact subwoofer (compact-sab) refers to a type of cheap subwoofers, as it is easy to rpzmeschat.It can be installed under the passenger's feet, which is a very big plus, given that a lot of thefts in cars made it through the audio system.For installation in cars do not need to change anything.

subwoofer volume is highly dependent on its location in the car.Position of the subwoofer is directly dependent on the type of vehicle.Cars are divided into the following types:

  • Body type station wagon: The subwoofer should be sent to the speaker and bass reflex ago;
  • Body type hatchback - a car in which the subwoofer and speakers is better to send up or on the trunk.In no case subwoofer is not necessary to send in his seat, because it can lead to a loss of quality and power of the audio sound;
  • Body type sedan: the subwoofer is better spent on the back seat, while leaving a gap of 8 cm, and even better to send the subwoofer on the arm, is not it will not be suppressing effect, the music will sound from the subwoofer and have the best quality..

Tips for Choosing a subwoofer

To understand how to choose a subwoofer, we advise you not to look at the characteristics of that specified by the manufacturer in the passport subs themselves, because these indicators are often either too low or too high (often exaggerated).When selecting the subwoofer we recommend to look at the company, as well as pay attention to the advice of sellers.

China, which looks quite good, and is China.They save on everything.Sam subwoofer enclosure must be constructed of wood rather than other materials because it threatens poor quality sound.Subwoofer recommend taking a gated, possibly filled in any substance, which improves the sound (eg mineral wool).

also to the main subwoofer indicator refers its diameter.Most popular - it 8,10,12,15 inch subwoofers.On a smaller subwoofer do not advise to even look, because a small subwoofer will not give decent sound (but modern technology trying to deal with this problem).Very large subwoofer will look just unsightly, but if it is powerful, it may damage your hearing.

Here's how to choose the right subwoofer.Subwoofer - a good thing, but it does not need to spend a lot of money.It is believed that the subwoofer should not exceed 20% of the cost of the machine.In conclusion, we want to say that when you purchase any of the subwoofer you should consider three things: cost, power and place your subwoofer in a car.