How to learn from the right ?

How to learn from the right ?

car you purchased, the case for small - to take courses and get a driver's license.How to learn from the right have in your city?Paradoxically, but many just do not think about the fact that driver training is not a "matter of 5 minutes," such people are just stunned by the response of a driving school to the question - how much time to study in law.Rights is not just another certificate to give her a future driver must not simply know and learn and remember everything from the rules of the road!And some little knowledge of traffic rules, it is necessary that the future driver to learn to feel the car, was not afraid to be on the way, among other traffic participants.

  • Category A (motorcycles, mopeds, scooters) - about 2 months of training including 10 hours of practical driving.
  • Category B (cars) - 3-5 months training includes 50 hours of driving.

permissible self-study for the exam in the traffic police, but that would be sure of the quality of education, it is better to go to a driving schoo

l license.

How many months to learn from the right found.Now we learn that it is necessary to pass the exams.

Before commissioning of the documents for admission:

  1. Driver Card (if available previously) and a temporary permit for driving.
  2. If you have been issued earlier, a driver's license.
  3. Document registration (passport).
  4. Information about the applicant's health.
  5. Receipt with payment of tuition fees.
  6. Help with a note on training courses (if the training was conducted independently by categories A B, then it is not necessary).

shall first internal exam (according to the rules of this), after passing comes the turn of the exam in the traffic police.

It is as follows:

Part 1 - computer test of 20 questions (2 permissible to make mistakes);

Part 2 - circuit (ground) - to show her ability to get under way downhill, turning skills in third reception and parking;

3 part - delivery driving in urban conditions.The examiner passes you by controlling the exact fulfillment of all the rules of traffic on the specified route.

That's all, if everyone gave up your rights.