How to install apk files?

How to install apk files?

Based on the fact that the Android operating system is relatively recent figures on the market of portable devices, users will experience some discomfort or even remain completely helpless in the performance, seemingly ordinary tasks.For example, the use of applications and games for mobile devices with Android OS installed by third-party developers.

Typically, the software extension is apk.Let's see how to install apk files.

There are two basic methods of solving this problem:

  • use the Google Android SDK.
  • download and install the apk-file installer to your device.

Today we will analyze both ways and will teach you how to properly install apk files, respectively, will allow you to fully enjoy and appreciate the entire width of the spectrum of applications from third-party developers for the Android OS, it has emerged in great abundance.

Using Android Market

Android Market - Android competent answer to the service of the App Store for iPhone.Already by February 2010 at the Android Market a

bout twenty thousand apps and games, and their number is growing rapidly (see this easy).

addition to software packages and games, the presented on the Android Market, you see the possibility of using the installation services for third-party software developers.

How to install apk files: the first method

  1. Copy the apk file on your smartphone's memory card and insert it into the machine.
  2. Download and install the utility Installation Services with the Android Market.
  3. After installing Installation Services your device can display the apk-file from a memory card.
  4. Click on the files you need and install it.Voila!

Install apk using the Android SDK

There is, as mentioned above, the second way to install apk files on your device.More time-consuming method, analyze it thoroughly:

  1. Download and install a program Google Android SDK.You can download it here: Google Android SDK.
  2. We need the USB-drivers for Android-devices.You can download it here: Google USB Driver.
  3. Change some settings Android, allow the installation of applications from third-party sources.The "Settings", select "Application Settings", and then activate the "Unknown sources".Here, in the "Settings" section, select "SD-Card" and even "Phone Memory", also do not forget to include "Turn off USB-drives."
  4. easiest and most important step.Command line, enter: adb install.apk (- path to your apk-file - on your apk-file name).
  5. Voila!apk-app installed, use.