How to ride a Lithuanian rooms ?

How to ride a Lithuanian rooms ?

Buying cars - a serious and responsible step.Everyone is trying to buy as profitable as possible in order not to lose the positive and negative sides of buying a car.Therefore, many tend to buy a car is not in Russia, where its cost is much higher due to customs, taxes and other things, and abroad.For example, you can ride on the Lithuanian rooms, without changing or making out the car in Russia.But you will encounter certain difficulties.


drive a car with foreign license plates you have the right for general power of attorney.Car owner can prescribe it quite a long time - up to ten years.But it should be remembered that the general power of attorney does not make you the owner of, and therefore, additional and completely unnecessary issues that may arise from the traffic police personnel.

And the whole point of the problem is that this kind of document is only valid on the territory of Latvia.At the entrance to Russia on such a machine, you are given a temporary permit for the import

ation of the vehicle.On the territory of another country, including Russia, the machine can not stay longer than three months (90 days).After this period, you have to cross the border back to Latvia.

only legal option paperwork - an employment contract with the Lithuanian company, which already should be framed machine.Then you will go on your car, and if the trip ticket you can stay on the territory of another country.

Cash aspect

Of course, when buying such cars benefit is obvious.Prices in Europe are generally two to three times lower.But do not rush to the cheapest cheese, he is known only in a mousetrap.Extend the authorization to import a car, which will guarantee your legal stay in the country, should be on a quarterly basis.In three months you will pay 3000 rubles.For the year, respectively, 12,000 and ten - already 120,000!That makes all the difference in buying and come back to you.In addition, to extend the authorization of this you have to constantly vystavivat queue, find time, coordinate schedules and stuff, stuff, stuff.

Difficulties with sales

But let's say you learned how to ride a Lithuanian rooms, and it did not stop you - you have purchased cars.It takes an indefinite amount of time, and you decide to sell it again.And here there are difficulties, because you can sell a car only on the territory of the country to which it belongs.That is, you need to go back to Latvia, to search there for the buyer and resell the car.There is, of course, the car sales in installments option, but this is also not very pleasant, long and not entirely legitimate.Yes, and valued only the whole part, and if the car gets into an accident?

Who should engage

In general, of all the information on how to ride a Lithuanian rooms, you can draw only one conclusion: the case is complicated and disadvantageous.Doing such a venture can be profitable only to those whose payment of taxes for registration of cars in Russia will exceed the annual amount of 12 000 rubles.In addition, if you are going to move to Latvia or to live in both countries - then you may also be interested in this option.