How to bind the key?

How to bind the key?

Many fans of motorists today have modern cars, which work together with the remote control key.This is convenient and efficient in their daily lives, when we can, without going to the car to open or close the door, take off or put on the alarm.Sometimes, however, motorists lose their keys or buy an extra set.Then you need to bind the new keys to the car to make it work properly.

learn how to bind a key to a car, it will be explained in detail in our article on the example of different models of Peugeot cars.

How to bind one-touch key

To tie one-touch key for cars Peugeot, it is necessary to perform a number of simple steps:

  1. Please check that all the doors are closed in the car, but the locks are open.
  2. On key press the big button and wait until the LED stops blinking.
  3. then release the button.The diode on the key will be lit continuously.You must click on the big button once more to the diode goes off.
  4. Open the driver's door and the tray lock and key ignition.Push the button on the key fob.
  5. Turn the car's ignition and wait for ten seconds.
  6. switch off the ignition.

After all these steps, the key is to start working after five seconds.You will be able to use it without problems.

How to bind two-button key

Snapping two-button key comes a little more complicated than the one-touch, but in the same way, only with a few additions.To snap two-button key to the car Peugeot, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Close the door, leave the locks open.Ensure that prior to the beginning of the process, otherwise the key will not become attached and have to repeat the process after some time.
  2. Hold big button for twenty seconds.Then press the small button, while holding the most.The diode should stop flashing.
  3. Once you release the large button, LED will light permanently.You must click on the big button again, so that the diode is off.
  4. Open the door on the driver's side of the tray and the key to the ignition.
  5. Click the big button, holding the key in the ignition.
  6. Turn on the ignition for ten seconds, then turn it off.

key setting will be completed and it should work properly after five seconds.

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