How to unlock the radio ?

How to unlock the radio ?

Often, car owners get into trouble when the receiver is blocked.Typically, this occurs as a consequence of the auto repair, replace the battery, incorrect input or power-off code.Not necessarily worth thinking about buying a new machine, it suffices to know how to unlock the head unit.

Unlock radio: manual

When you unlock the radio you should start with its inclusion.About the failure of the system will tell the inscription "CODE" or "SAFE", which appeared on the display.To continue working with the device to enter the correct code that will unlock it.

If you save this manual, where indicated, how to unlock the radio.Furthermore, on the first page of instructions is usually specified identification number.Beside him placed radio card.It is desirable to remove the radio after buying the radio card and store it in a safe place, the main thing - not in the car.If you leave it in the car, the robbers can detect it and it will be easier to hack the device.You need to remove the radio card from the i

nstructions and remember the radio identification number.

Once you have activated the radio and saw the above inscription, simultaneously hold down the button FXi DX.They need to hold down until you see on the display "1000".After that, the button must be released and is no longer pressed, otherwise not be able to unlock.

Next, using the buttons to select the radio, the radio card to enter the code of your car.In this case, the code for the first digit will meet button 1, the second - 2, and so on.Buttons 5 and 6 do not usually use.

Then you need to again clamp DX and FX and hold it until the screen is not the inscription "SAFE".After her appearance button, release, and wait until the device is not radio frequency will appear.It will say that you are able to unlock the device.In the case of an incorrect input sign on the screen blinks shortly code, then you can try again.After three incorrect code entry is blocked for an hour cassette recorder.

Depending on the car radio unlock process may differ slightly.


The Ford car, you can unlock the radio, knowing the code.You can find it in the manual, or if you bought a car already with radio, look for a sticker in the interior of the car with the code.

If you find it was not possible, remove the radio and see it - the code can be written or pasted on it.Be sure to note the serial number, and the vin-code, which you can find the data you need on the Internet.

Once you have found the code, turn on the radio and enter it.Entering similar instructions above.After ten incorrect codes entered cassette recorder will be blocked and restore the work yourself, you can not.


In the case of this brand of car, unlock the radio is very similar.First of all you need to find your car radio code number.Once you find it, you can begin to unlock.

To solve such a problem, how to unlock the Audi radio, you need to turn it on and wait for the label on the screen.Next you need to enter the code, being guided by the general instructions, which is indicated at the beginning of this article, as unlock procedure is absolutely similar.


Most questions usually arises on how to unlock the radio Nissan.In this case, you can try to find the code and enter it yourself.if you do it right, radio will be unlocked and seek outside help will not be needed.

However, radio cassette recorder with data periodically have problems, so the best solution is to search for information on the thematic resources.Among these can be mentioned:

  • http: // - site dedicated to cars Nissan laptop.
  • http: // - site of Nissan cars
  • http: // - another site of Nissan.


Periodically problems also arise with how to unlock the radio Renault, because these cars set various recorder.We have Blaupunktobychno recorder display, so the radio unlocking process is completely analogous to that described above.

If installed on a car radio cassette player Philips, the absence of the display can stump.To work with the radio you need to use a special remote control that allows you to enter the code to unlock it.