How to decode a car ?

How to decode a car ?

Often car owners faced with the problem of decoding radio.After de-energizing the whole system of the car for some time, radio is blocked.On its screen there is an inscription «CODE» or SAFE.This means that you need to enter the code.But where to find the code, and decode a car?Let's try to find an answer to these questions.

If you are having this problem - do not immediately panic.The matter is remedied.You can try to decode the radio yourself.To do this, remove the top cover and unscrew the upper fastening screws.Then, the same procedure should be done with the lower cap and lower screws.Gently pull the car without disconnecting the wires.Locate the label with the serial number.Write down the number.The next step is to search on the internet of special calculator.The calculator is designed for a particular model of recorder.Therefore, you should know the model of your car and its manufacturer.In-line, enter the serial number of the radio.The program calculates the desired code.Enter the code in

the car and enjoy your favorite music.This procedure takes less than 40 minutes.

learn how to decode the Ford car, you can learn here.Following the link, you'll see a page that is dedicated to Ford car radio.

And if you want to figure out how to decode the Volkswagen car, you have to help the next link.

Each car has its own characteristics when entering the code.Consider a few examples.

Commissioning instruction VW Alpha CC car code:

  • Power up the radio."SAFE" appears on the screen.
  • Press «TA» and «TP» buttons simultaneously.Hold them until the number "1000" appears on the screen.
  • Enter the correct code using the keys 1,2,3,4.Each button to be pressed repeatedly.
  • with the display the correct code, press «TA» buttons «TP» and hold them for 3 seconds.Your cassette recorder turns on.

instructions on entering the code of car Toyota 13702:

  • Turn the power on, the display shows "SECURITY".
  • Press the "^" button and hold it, then press "1".The inscription "SECURITY" changes to "CODE -".
  • Use the "1 - 3" enter the correct three-digit code.To confirm, press "T1"
  • briefly inscription "SECURITY" is displayed, and the tape recorder be turned off.
  • Turn on the radio.Now it will work.

Where decode car

If you can not or do not want to make decoding car yourself, then you should refer to specialists.But, of course, it's not free.Services decoding radio will cost about 3000 rubles.You can also contact your dealer, who will tell you the code for a fee.Before you get a coveted code, you have to pay for the removal, the installation of radio and wait for approximately three an hour.Let your radio is always pleasing to have nice music, and you, in turn, do not forget the care on the roads.