How to overtake a car?

How to overtake a car?

you want to buy a car, but one that you like on sale in another city.So, try as much as possible is available to answer the question of how to overtake the car.


In that case, when you are going to buy a used car, it must be removed from the register and get transit numbers.The same number issued for new machines.As long as they are valid, you can safely overtake a car from town to town.Do not forget about the design of CTP insurance policy, as well as the general power of attorney in the case, when you're with the previous owner do not remove the car from the register.

followed by the provision of a vehicle to inspect a car inspection to chassis number.issued the act the scan is complete.


the question of how much it costs to overtake a car, you can answer it only if you already know the exact start and end points of your route.For distances in our country are quite different.Of course, the procedure is more expensive in the case, when you are going to overtake the car in Moscow,

for example, in Vladivostok, rather than from the capital to Kursk.

machines Driving from Kaliningrad

consider separately the question of how to overtake the car from this city in Kaliningrada.Ved cars coming from the United States, Poland and Germany.In contrast, for example, from Vladivostok, the local machines are left hand drive, that attracts a lot of buyers.

fly to Kaliningrad best by plane.Take a morning flight on Friday to spend the afternoon on the search for a suitable vehicle.After comparing the prices of each buyer is waiting for a pleasant surprise.Here cars are 10-15 per cent lower than in the capital of our state.When buying a car, make out a general statement and hit the road.

Distill the machine from city to city, in any case, it is necessary together with a partner, it can be a friend, a brother or a father.For the sake of enhancing their own security it is also recommended to have a car allowed the means to defend themselves.Despite the fact that cases of robbery on the highways there are now relatively rare, are not safe from them anyone.

In a way to go before dark is best, because the road tend to be quite distant.At night overtake better not to do.Explain this advice can be several reasons.First of all, anyone overwork, resulting in a slowing his reaction.Naturally, the risk of an accident at the same time increases.Of course, ten hours on the road, you can save, but is it worth the risk of losing his life or an expensive purchase?In addition, the likelihood of a robbery is significantly reduced in the daytime.

PTSD can be sent to your address by registered mail.To overtake the car enough to keep with him his technical passport, insurance purposes, and pass inspection.The car is almost impossible to sell without the presence of PTSD, especially when it comes about some traffic scams.

should be remembered that another prerequisite for the driving of a vehicle from one city to another, is the fact that you are on the sales contract, which will avoid unnecessary litigation on the road with the staff of the State Inspectorate.

If you remove the car from the register immediately at the point of purchase, you must go to be with transit numbers.This usually causes a considerable number of stops followed by the examination of the state inspection staff.

should not go through Lithuania, despite the fact that this path will be the shortest.On the territory of this state to be sure you will require a visa, as well as a whole slew of inquiries.On the way beware of bandits.If so what happened, do not let the beat itself, and then pressed to the side of the road.Otherwise, you may lose money and perhaps recently purchased car.