iPhone ( iPhone ) does not turn on : what to do ?

iPhone ( iPhone ) does not turn on : what to do ?

Unfortunately, almost every iPhone owner sooner or later there is a problem of work of its smartphone.More precisely, it is often such that the iPhone is turned off and is not included.The reasons for this can be set.Let us try to understand the basic of them.

If your iPhone does not turn on what to do in the first place:

  • try to connect the machine to the original charge.
  • simultaneously hold down the power button on your smartphone and home button until until the screen lights up apple.This can take up to half a minute of time.
  • repeat the previous step 3 - 4 times.Since the first may not work.

Possible causes

reasons why iPhone is not included can be:

  • Faulty connector charger and synchronization.If you wear the device in the pocket of his pants - the connector is clogged with dust and lint from clothing.Therefore, when you try to charge you just break your machine.Solving this problem will take no more than 15 to 20 minutes at a service center.
  • Moisture in the connector for charging.
  • use of non-original chargers.
  • not correct phone charging in the car.At best, then you have to change the battery, and at worst - will need to replace the power supply or controller repair all burnt food chain.
  • incorrectly flashing or updating the software, which may result in damage the machine's memory chip or a memory chip GSM module.Salvation in this situation will be the new firmware of your iPhone.
  • smartphone Fall.In this case, it may move one of the loops (the power button, the screen or battery).The worst may be a violation of the soldering on the motherboard.In any case, it will have to carry the iPhone in the diagnostics service cent.
  • Contact with water.IPhone may well refuse to work after falling into the water.After water procedures should be referred for diagnosis and cleaning corrosion.

Now you know why the iPhone is not included.But if you are not able to independently resolve its problems - carry the smartphone in a service center.It quickly and competently to help with the solution of your problem.