How to drive a car from Germany ?

How to drive a car from Germany ?

Germany has long been known in Russia for its quality cars.Inexpensive to buy a German car you can in her homeland, but not in a hurry to relax!After you select and already you're ready to buy a car, you will find solution to a very difficult and at times nervous question: how to drive a car from Germany?

As a detailed discussion on this issue, we suggest you read a couple of stories about how two people fit in their cars from Germany.To read them, you can, by clicking on the following links:

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Amusing written stories will help you to understand the very essence of the question, well, we will briefly gather information together and show you how to drive a car from Germany.

How to drive a car in Russia

  1. car brought into the country requires the mandatory passage of its clearance procedures.Moreover, the size of the state fee that you have to pay depends on various parameters: the age of the car, engine size, the value of the
    market.As a rule, the older the car, the more you need to pay for customs clearance.Learn at least the approximate price of the issue on the official site of Customs, where you can find a special calculator.
  2. So, you know how much to pay for a car, and are willing to do it.In any case, carry an additional amount for contingencies (as they may be, you will learn by reading the stories suggested).What's next?If you can connect to the help of friends or specialized companies, take advantage of this.Save yourself time and nerves.They can help in organizing your trip to Germany and to collect the necessary documents.With proper planning of their actions and the time you have 10 days will be able to dissect the German car for the Russian roads.
  3. you will need before you go to Germany, to leave the customs bond.Its value is equal to the value of the customs duties, which in the future will need to pay.
  4. After paying bail you get a temporary visa that allows you to enter the territory of Germany.
  5. When preparing documents to purchase a vehicle, specify that you will export it to Russia.So you can write off the VAT, and thus save money.
  6. After buying the car well inspect it and make sure as much as possible.You do not want to go wrong and "stand" on the road with the new car in a foreign country?At the same time, and it is better in advance, consider the route that will return home.
  7. go to the traffic police control and put the car on the account After returning home, and the settlement of all issues in the payment of customs duty.

That schematic algorithm of how to drive a car from Germany.In fact, everything is more complicated, different details emerge, there may be minor problems, so in addition to a sufficient amount of time and money have patience and willingness to solve possible problems.Good luck!