How to clear of cars from Germany ?

How to clear of cars from Germany ?

to customs clearance of the car, imported from Germany, it is necessary to own rules and legislative acts, which operate in the country.Foreign automobiles mostly of better quality than the domestic.To learn how to clear of cars from Germany, it is necessary to explore and get acquainted with the statutes or the rules that govern the process.Legally regulated customs clearance both cars and truck.Customs cleared truck from Germany, as well as a passenger, you can for a certain period of time or for a permanent stay in the country.

Depending on what will be the procedure of customs clearance cars (natural or legal persons), will be determined by the cost of customs clearance.On the cost of the car customs clearance is influenced by such figures: the volume of the engine, the car price, year of manufacture, engine capacity, as well as certain accessories (equipment, leather seats, etc.).

value calculation of customs clearance cars

Calculator customs clearance points to all the information on how

to clear of the car from Germany, contains all the data on the legislative acts relating to customs clearance in the country.It takes into account the need for customs clearance of cars imported from abroad.The calculator determines all information on the cost of customs duties, as well as the cost of the entire customs clearance procedure.

Pay for customs clearance of the car can be in rubles or in foreign currency.In this case using a calculator, you can determine the rate of foreign currency, which was formed at the time of customs clearance of the car.

Among the main ways to import vehicles emit:

  1. importation of the vehicle by an individual;
  2. importation of the vehicle as the baggage that does not support;
  3. import vehicle as mail addressed to an individual.

on the size of uniform rates will not affect the country vehicle production.If the imported new car in one of these ways of import, the customs payments are paid according to the value of the car at flat rates.

on all vehicles crossing the customs border of the Russian Federation and imported by individuals, issued a declaration to be presented to the customs authorities.Also, all documents for the car, and the accompanying transport documents to be provided.

procedure for customs clearance of the car

  • customs cleared car bought in Germany or in other countries, it is possible only in case of the passage of the established procedure of customs clearance of the vehicle.Please fill in the declaration, in which it is necessary to specify all valid data about the car.Then, this declaration is entered in the declarations provided by the magazine for her registration number.
  • inspector must examine and verify the documents available in a natural or legal person: a stamp in the passport of the place of registration;a written permit issued by the customs authority according to the place of residence, data on the entrepreneur, if the import of cars makes a natural person;Documents confirming the export of individual currency outside the country;tickets, visas, confirming the person's stay abroad, the presence of stamps, set customs when crossing the border;documents proving ownership of the car.
  • then Inspector inspects all of the submitted documents with the data introduced in the declaration.This is basic information about the car (make, type, model cars, the year of its release, color, chassis number, engine number, license plate number, type of fuel, etc...);purpose of entry of the vehicle into the territory of the country;data about the car's run, which are recorded in the documents of the car or cars speedometer.
  • Having studied all the documents, the inspector will decide whether further clearance will be undertaken whether or require other documents.

after documentary audit customs officers carried out technical inspection of vehicles in accordance with the data in the declaration (machine model, chassis number and engine and so on. D.).It is checked whether there was in the vehicle, additional parts, if repairs were carried out, whether the parts and assemblies replaced, there are certain disadvantages and damage, what is the nature of these lesions.

payment procedure cost car

declaration after checking the correctness of all entries shall be signed by the inspector, and it will be sealed.

Inspector has customs payments.This excise duty, fee for issuing documents, duties, customs fees at a flat rate, VAT and other charges.Documents with the calculated payments are sent to the paying unit.

Inspector after calculating the final amount of customs clearance of the car and putting the date of the inspection giving the documents to the department, which draw up the vehicle on the physical or legal person.The department issued a customs receipt voucher for the implementation of payment.Then, all the data about the owner of the car and entered into the computer.It also checks the number of transported vehicles face across the border, is not whether the car is being sought.

At the final stage of the owner of the imported vehicle is issued a certificate for the import of the vehicle.The second copy shall be retained by the customs.

To answer the question of how to clear of the car in Germany, you need to carefully examine all the necessary materials, ask about the customs clearance of the car and on the procedure for payment of customs duties, not to get into an awkward situation, and then did not pay the extra money.