Removing the car ?

Removing the car ?

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Removing the car?

If you decide to install a new car, first you need to properly and carefully dismantle the old.Make it easy.However, keep in mind that different brands of machines require different time-consuming.For example, to cope with this task in the Daewoo is much easier than in Mercedes.

Let's talk about how to remove the car.To remove the car, you need to prepare:

  • electrical tape;
  • pencil;
  • keys;
  • small box.

How to shoot car: general instruction

preparatory stage:

  1. Before you begin recovery of the radio, you need to drown out the engine and only then proceed to the preparatory work and the removal of car.
  2. Next you need to make sure that you disable posting negative terminal on the battery.Be as careful with the wiring.Do not pull plugs from sockets, otherwise they can break.All sockets in the rear of the recorder have to be removed as carefully as possible.If
  3. are available only wire, then cook the sticky tape and a pencil.With their help you w
    ill be able to find out after dismantling in the impressive number of wires, which are in place of the dismantled equipment.All wires must be isolated separately.
  4. also prepare all the necessary keys.Each mounting on different radios producer.Therefore, carefully inspect the car for any fasteners and holes, and then select the appropriate tool for the job.Pay attention to the features of the system to remove the portion of the dismantling.Many models of vehicles differ sturdy mount radio.However, there are also those where the metal slide is used.

main stage:

  1. Remove the screws holding the radio.All bolts and small items must be neatly folded into a box so that they are not lost.
  2. Then gently, so as not to damage the surface of the radio, to hook and remove the four covers that are on the perimeter of the car.
  3. four screws located underneath.Remove them using an ordinary wrench.Try at this stage to be extremely cautious.If you overdo it and make too much effort, then it is likely that the bolts simply fall down inside.
  4. Remove frame car radio.Much will depend on the model of your vehicle.For example, in some cars need to unscrew the screws located at the bottom of ashtrays, other fixed radio snap instead of four screws.In this situation, we use special keys.We put them in the slots of the radio until it clicks.Initially We perform this operation with the lower slots, and then to the upper.You must try at the same time pulling the lower keys and press on the upper latch.However, it must be as accurate as any mistake can lead to break that the latch.In this situation, remove the car can only be a specialist.

also understand how to remove the car, you will instructional videos on this page.