How to clear of the car ?

How to clear of the car ?

To try to grasp the immensity, this article will tell you about the system of customs clearance of cars for individuals.So, how to clear of the car in Russia?To begin with, the citizens who are going to ship a car for personal use, it can clear them through customs at the customs office only where issued PTAs, and only the place of registration.At the very same border only formalized procedure for the delivery of the vehicle to the place of execution.

Cars with age from 3 to 5 years

Experts claim that the easiest option for the motorist who wants to overtake from abroad in the Russian car will be buying a car, with which the production date has passed from 3 to 5 years.In this case the customs clearance process will most painless: it is beneficial from an economic point of view and very simple calculation of customs payments.In order to calculate the cost of customs clearance, you can use a special calculator for the car.This type of tester can be easily found in the Internet.

To calculate the need to know the age of the car and the internal volume of its engine.Paradoxically, the price of the car itself does not play a big deal and only affects the calculation of the fee for registration at customs.View duties on cars can also be on the Internet.For example, here.Keep in mind that for cars, whose age is 3-5 years, the fee is not less than 1.5 million euros.For cars older than five years of age - 3 thousand euros.

Cars younger than 3 years

But the payment of customs duties for cars, whose age is less than 3 years, difficult, because they are dependent on the customs value of the car.Recall that the customs value - a much broader concept than just the price of the car paid by the seller.This index is defined as the average market price of a car on which it can be purchased in the normal course and retailers in complete competition.In other words, the customs value - the price of the machine the market average, and the price itself successfully customs controls, using special catalogs.

For example, customs clearance vehicle, the value of which does not exceed 325 thousand rubles, will amount to 54% of the customs value, but not less than 2.5 euros per cubic centimeter of engine capacity it.And the customs clearance of the car, the price of which is from 325 to 650 thousand rubles will cost the owner of 48% of the customs value is not less than 3.5 euro per cubic centimeter of engine capacity.Information on all cars is also available on the Internet.

Other payments

Answering the question of how to clear of the car, keep in mind that in addition to the customs duties applied the so-called non-tariff regulation.And often, these measures pose major obstacles at customs clearance.Measures of non-tariff regulation shall be considered: the percentage of compliance with environmental class cars (it should not be less than EUR 4), recycling, implementation of the technical regulation "On Safety of Wheeled Vehicles" requirements.

In addition, there are nuances, depending on whether natural or legal person is trying to hold cars for personal use.For example, for individuals imputed uniform tax rates and customs duties, and for legal entities has its own procedure for customs clearance of cars (the same applies to individuals carrying the machine is not for personal use).This applies to legal persons much more complicated calculation.The reason for that - the determination of their customs value.So, the answer to the question of how to clear of the machine on the most favorable terms, is obvious: as far as possible follow the path of least resistance.