How to decorate the car ?

How to decorate the car ?

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How to decorate a car?

In life there are different situations requiring decoration vehicle.This could be the birth of a child and a trip for him to the hospital, and can be the wedding ceremony, at which the equip a wedding procession, composed of beautifully decorated cars.We'll show you how to decorate the car to any of these events.

For this we need:

  • tapes of different colors;
  • Fatin;
  • Balloons;
  • Flowers.

What more can be used for the purpose described in the article - How to make a decoration on the car.

How to decorate the car ribbons

When buying tapes should pay attention to three points:

  1. color ribbons.Choosing a tape for car decoration, stop at three shades of the same colors.This will help to avoid mistakes in the compatibility of colors and emphasize the delicate taste of the decorator.
  2. width tapes.Wide tape is preferable to narrow, as the latter will make the car more like a sieve.
  3. length tapes.Tape should be long enough so as not to cause troubl
    e when mounting.The calculations do not difficult: it is necessary to increase the width of the hood by 1.5 times, in the end we get the desired figure.

tapes can simply be positioned on the bonnet in a row parallel to each other, tying the ends under the hood or by securing with tape.You can perform the "rays", paving the tape from the bonnet angle (from the mirror) from the proximal end to the distal.Tapes are convenient because they allow you to create an additional decoration, using bows, flowers and other decorations.

How to decorate the car tulle

To decorate tulle machines invented several ways.

  1. This thin material they cover the whole hood of the car, and then it is placed different ornaments: flowers, including living, bows, toys, etc.
  2. of tulle make a big bow and fix it to the hood, front or..behind the car.
  3. most popular uses this material in the manufacture of a veil for the bride's car.After all, in such a way to decorate trucks simply can not fail to attract attention.

How to decorate the car balls

The easiest way to decorate the car - use balloons.They are always associated with the holiday.The process is as follows:

  1. Acquire balls of three different colors (no longer need to be too gaudy).
  2. inflating them than the maximum amount, and leave little in reserve.
  3. balls attached or separately to different parts of a car, or form a garland of them (note that this method is more practical and allows the car to stay longer in the "form").
  4. As an attachment using a rope or rubber bands stationery (adhesive tape proved to be ineffective - at the speed he was just not able to keep the balls in place).
  5. of balls can make the heart, placing it on the hood.It turned out very beautiful and symbolic.

about other ways to design the car can be found in our article - How to decorate a wedding car.