What a good tire ?

What a good tire ?

Speaking of car tires is not easy to resist the subjectivity.And yet, what a good tire?First of all, let's divide the rubber on the summer and winter, since they must be considered separately.Well, now let's talk about each category separately.

What a good winter tires

interesting that is not reflected in the laws of the seasonal change of tires, but the snow drifts and ice - the inevitable companions of our winter roads, and tire change is dictated by common sense.Here are the top 10 sets of winter tires on the results of tests conducted by independent experts.So, what is the good winter tires?

  • In the first place we have Michelin Alpin A4.It is quite expensive, but has a huge resource path.The only slight drawback of this rubber is that sometimes it is prone to "aquaplaning".
  • Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32.It allows you to drive a car perfectly, saves fuel, but has an average life path, which puts it slightly below Michelin in the rankings.
  • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D.Excellent adhesion, excellent
    driving dynamics, short braking distance - particularly in the wet, but the tire, firstly, tend to aquaplaning, and second, do not have too large a reserve path.
  • Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2. This tire has a very good performance clutch and slip on a snow-covered surface, and provides a smooth ride on the wet surface.However, it has a high noise level and a very mediocre mileage allowance.
  • Uniroyal MS plus 66. Very average with aquaplaning, but they allow you to make a confident handling on snow are a great resource and run, which is also important, low noise.In addition, they are quite affordable.
  • Toyo Snowprox 5953. Good show themselves in the snow and have adequate protection against aquaplaning, but differ in small mileage allowance and high rolling resistance.In addition, they are not sufficiently controlled on wet surfaces.
  • Continental WinterContact TS 830. Confident handling in virtually all weather conditions.Among other advantages, we note a short braking distances on wet roads, low rolling resistance.However, the lack of supply of mileage and long braking distances on snow put these tires are not so high.
  • Nokian WR D3.Confident handling, low noise level, shorter braking distances, optimized rolling resistance - weighty dignity.However, in return you will get a small share of run and weak resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Pirelli W240 Sottozero Serie II.Confident driving dynamics on snow and wet surfaces, excellent rolling resistance, which significantly saves fuel, good protection against aquaplaning, but the long braking distance on any surface and low resource path.
  • last place in our ranking, dedicated to what kind of studded tires better take Nexen Winguard Sport tires.Their main advantage - an excellent quality-price ratio, they also differ in improved rolling resistance.But they have a weak grip on snow and fairly extended stopping distance on it and in the wet, but also differ slightly balanced driving characteristics.

What a good summer tires

It is easier not to talk about specific models and about stamps.Let's get started.

  • Bridgestone.These tires are best suited for high speeds and for operation at high and moderate summer temperatures.It should also be noted that the prices of these tires are quite high, which is due to their quality.
  • Dunlop.High reliability and high resistance to wear.In addition, the summer tires from Dunlop quiet, soft and economical.Designers of the company is constantly working on improving the basic models, but also regularly delight customers new products.
  • Kumho.These tires are designed with the latest technologies.They have the optimum configuration of the tread and rubber compound Kumho is prepared according to the latest recipes.These tires are perfectly show itself on any road surface and virtually silent.Furthermore, they differ excellent speed characteristics.
  • Michelin.premium tires.It is very economical and wear resistant tires.Their quality is such that more than half of European car manufacturers prefer to put on their products exactly Michelin rubber.
  • Nokian.Designed for operation in harsh climatic conditions in areas where there are significant changes in temperature and rain and snow.Summer tires Nokian ergonomic and have excellent adhesion to both dry and wet with the coating.
  • Yokohama.Excellent grip, high reliability and manageability, efficiency at any speed.Summer tires Yokohama will make your car a little sport, as some different stiffness.It is also not stalled while moving up and has good maneuverability on wet road.
  • Goodyear - along with the above mentioned brands, this brand is also widely represented in the domestic market.Many Goodyear models are specially designed for our roads, but because with these tires you will feel confident on virtually any road.

Finally: what better tires Velcro?Velcro - it nonstudable winter tires that are well suited for city driving, but it is not suitable in the countryside.Of the specific brands that are suitable for our weather conditions, we note Nokian and Michelin.Many motorists say that in our cities, this tire shows itself even better than the traditional winter - with spikes.