What better DVR ?

What better DVR ?

situation on the roads today is very different from the one that was twenty years ago.Every year the cars are more and more, and congestion and saturation of tracks increases the number of traffic accidents.Car DVR has long ceased to be simply a fashionable decoration car.It can provide your alibi in case of accident and confirm the fact of your innocence in the case of a conflict on the road or with traffic police.For example, it can confirm that you did not go through red lights, pedestrians, no overtaking and did not cross the road markings.

In this article we will investigate what is best to buy a car video recorder because it requires virtually every motorist.Before choosing consider: how much you are willing to spend and what the technical specifications are important to you.Depending on the number of cameras installed, DVR can record the situation occurring immediately before the car, and what happens in the cabin.Accordingly, the second option is more expensive, but if you need such an exp

ensive machine.Let's look at the different technical capabilities and features of operation, and determine which model best fit the DVR for your car and not hurt your wallet.

compression format, media type, number of inputs and video inputs for a microphone, recording resolution and the availability of extra features - all these parameters to consider when buying.

Permissions car DVR

The first thing you should pay attention - this is the quality of shooting, or more precisely, the native resolution avtoregistratora.Distinguish resolution QVGA, HD, VGA, FullHD.

  • resolution used in the most simple models - 320x240 (Quarter Video Graphics Array).Their price is $ 30-40, but very popular, they do not use, as any good smartphone camera or give a better picture.In addition, in comparison with VGA-quality video recorder, saving money is obtained scanty, and the quality exceeds QVGA at times.
  • resolution of 640x480 (VGA) is the most popular among budget DVRs.And immediately respond to a question that worries motorists - will it be possible to determine the number of machines in the video?This resolution will clear the numbers if the vehicle traveling ahead is located at a distance of 10-15 meters.The price of a new DVR range of 40-50 dollars.Consider what is best to buy a DVR company that he had a long and well served.Several large-scale and comprehensive tests have shown that the best quality in this category are models Lauf VR-01, Falcon HD-02 LCD, DVRH-185
  • Next on the quality of the VGA resolution of 1280x720 (HD).They give an opportunity to improve picture detail and can clearly identify not only the place of recording (road signs, direction indicator, etc.), but also the brand, color, model, and of course increases the distance at which you can identify the license plate number of cars on the road.Prices range from 80-150 dollars.
  • 1920x1080 (FullHD) - is the best possible solution for the modern car dealership equipment.At the end of 2012 the price of FullHD-video recorders began from 150 USDIt depends on the configuration, easy installation, transformation capacity and compactness of the device and reaches 250-300 cuAt this resolution plates are determined by the difference of speeds up to 40-60 km / h.

Choosing a DVR is best, except for authorization should take into account the presence of his LCD.In today's models, it is almost always present, but in the DVR with GPS-module - the display is missing.

Car DVR with GPS

presence in the automotive GPS DVR makes it possible to accurately determine the location of the incident, with the help of a special program the coordinates attached to the video.It is very important that the video displays speed, it is an indisputable trump card to dispute the testimony of radars.If you can not determine which is better DVR, reviews of car owners already using this technique will help you make the right decision.According to the announcement, the best for this category is the model Falcon HD15-LCD-GPS - it has a resolution FullHD, compact size, small display, and a nice price for such options.The main disadvantage is the mounting, which does not change the angle of rotation horizontally.Also interesting model DOD GSE -500, which combines high quality video (1920x1080), GPS module and display.Its price is around 300 dollars.

Two- and four-chamber avtovideoregistratory

Installing more cameras allows to give all-round visibility around your car, but the 2- and 4-chamber DVRs a pleasure not cheap.For the price of the model with two cameras 640x480 resolution you can choose a model with a resolution of 1920x1080.Four cameras will cost at least 350-400 dollars, but sometimes the price goes up to $ 1,000.These costs can only be justified if the car is used for business purposes, for private use even two cameras are not always relevant.

DVR functions

Consider the main features the car DVR.When you select the device must first be taken into account it is their.

  • most popular additional option that is found in Car DVR IR diodes are aimed at the improvement of night shooting.Their power of a few watts - this is enough for a couple of meters.So do not focus their attention on them, especially in the cheapest models.
  • Mount DVRs designed for turning in a vertical direction to fit the desired angle of the windshield.But few mounts can be rotated in the direction of the driver, and it is important to fix the conversation with the staff of law enforcement.Standard delivery on the suction cup mount.
  • Display DVRs - is the ability to watch videos on the site.In some models, a very high quality of the video is not comparable with the size of the display and gives only a general idea about what is happening, but this is usually enough.
  • Cyclic record - 99% of contemporary models perform this operation.It allows you to automatically overwrite the oldest files with new and continuously record video, breaking it into time intervals
  • Built-in battery - its presence allows the DVR to make of the car and make a video out.

hard to imagine a single configuration avtovideoregistratora better.Everyone has their own requirements and needs, tastes and budget.The choice is always an individual process.We hope that the proposed materials help you learn all about the DVR, which is better to buy now you can easily determine your own.One last tip - do not forget about the certification.The certificate is required to serve as arguments in your favor when you stop the traffic police or in court.