How to get a driver's license ?

How to get a driver

Every lover of cars and mechanical transport thinks about how to get a driver's license.It is your vehicle can legally drive through it man.

But to get a driver's license is not so easy, you need to stick to a certain algorithm.


requirements for each type of vehicle there is a certain category of rights and their demands with respect to age.For example, to obtain driving categories A and A1 to operate a motorcycle and a moped, you must be at least 16 years old.

The most common type of rights is a category B, B1, C, C1.They allow you to drive cars and trucks.For these types of documents need to be of legal age.Such categories of driving licenses as BE, CE and C1E may only get a person who has attained 19 years, and for the rights of category D1, D, D1E, DE and T a person must be 21 years.Regarding this issue, see also the article How much have rights.

What gives road courses

Equally important are road courses, which must finish everyone who wants to get right.There are skills that are no

t only needed for the exams, but also come in handy in life.

In driving school, there are two types of activities:

  • theoretical - study rules of the road;
  • practical - driving training.

to go for practical training and acquire the motor vehicle driving skills, it is important to undergo a medical examination.After its passage you will be given a certificate, which will indicate that you are suitable for driving the vehicle.

exam to check the qualifications

to obtain a driver's license and pass the exam in the traffic police have to prepare a package of documents, which may include:

  • medical certificate of completion of the commission;
  • certificate of training in driving school for driving vehicles;
  • passport;
  • document confirming the registration of the place of residence;
  • statement.

Before passing examinations also need to take care of the presence of the receipt on payment of state duty.receipt form can be issued either in a driving school, or else at the time of delivery of the traffic documents.Stamp duty on the driver's license is about 800 rubles.Its payment can be made in the Savings Bank branch or at the terminal in the traffic police building.

Before starting the exam future drivers examination paper will be issued, which identifies the personal information that is necessary to carefully check and sign below.

the exam in the traffic police checked their theoretical knowledge with respect to the future of a driver of traffic regulations, as well as his driving skills appropriate vehicle category.Methodology exam approved by the Office of the State Inspectorate.

If an applicant for a driver's license did not pass the theoretical part of the exam, the practical part of it can not be tolerated.It should appeal to the same traffic police department after seven days to re-pass the exam.This procedure applies to the practical part.

Obtaining certificates

If the traffic police put the exams successfully, it is necessary to perform only one step - to get a driver's license.To do this, we must turn again to the traffic police a week after the exam.Driving license issued to citizens personally and against signature.

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